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Help Kickstart a Fresno music festival and I’ll embarass myself in your honor


Obviously, I’m a big supporter of Fresno’s local music scene. So one of the things that makes me most optimistic about the scene here in the Fresno Urban Sound Experience festival. It showcases local musicians of all genres, seeks to unify our local scene — and brings people downtown to do.

On this very blog three years ago, I complained that Fresno didn’t have its own big downtown music festival like Modesto and Visalia. So since a group of local people went out and made one for us, I feel a certain obligation to support it.

This year, as the Fresno Urban Sound Experience enters its third year (save the date for Oct. 23), the festival organizers have put together a campaign on Kickstarter to raise $2,500 for the festival in a month. I wrote in my column this week that we should try to help them meet their goal. But I’m willing to take it one step further.

I’m starting my own incentive program here on The Beehive. If you contribute money to the festival, you’ll get something from me in return. It’s a bit silly — but fun at the same time.

Here’s how it will work:

  • If you contribute $10, I’ll write a haiku in your honor.
  • If you contribute $15, I’ll draw a picture in MS Paint for you. (I got a D in art, btw)
  • If you contribute $20, I’ll record a video shout-out to you.
  • If you contribute $50+, I’ll do all three.
  • If someone wants to pony up, $100 I’ll think of something else fun. (A Fresno taco tour, perhaps?)

Just donate** on the festival’s Kickstarter page, then forward me your confirmation e-mail. Don’t worry, I already know the e-mail doesn’t contain any of your secret personal info.

I’ll post the haikus/drawings/videos on the site to further embarrass myself — and hopefully to get more people to donate.

**Fresno Urban Sound Experience is a project of local non-profit Creative Fresno, so your donations are tax deductible.

Responses to "Help Kickstart a Fresno music festival and I’ll embarass myself in your honor"

Abe Lopez says:


Donald Munro says:

What are you willing to do if someone ponies up the entire $2,500?

Lisa Alvey says:

This totally rocks Mike! Great idea!

Mike Oz says:

hmmmm. i dunno. maybe be their personal servant for a day?

Bryan Harley says:

Done! C’mon, let’s get this sucker fully funded.

blake says:

I so want a haiku and a picture! I’ll be back after I negotiate the high-tech world!

terri says:

fifty dollars in. . .
supporting fresno music,
show me the haiku!

Brian L. Baker says:

I’m in for $100.