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To-Do Tonight: Thursday Night Travels


It’s another busy Thursday night, with ArtHop and all its accompanying activity, plus a bunch of other Thursday nights things to do. Here’s as complete a rundown as we can put together. If you know about something we don’t, leave it in the comments.




Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Thursday Night Travels"

Ric Hard says:

AZAZEL is gonna rage tonite at Crossroads!!!Come on down!!!!

dinobyte says:

Spindrift is great to see live! This is a f***in treat for us, they are rad. Bringum peace pipe and smokum and rock out to waves of the epic pyschedelic italian old west. Hit up the art walk and then stroll down to audies!

Andrew says:

Thanks for the tip! Spindrift was great! I wish they’d played longer, but they didn’t get started until 11:40. I am TIRED today.

Lance & The Flood was great, too.