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To-Do Tonight: 100 Monkeys pack some ‘Twilight’ oomph


Whether you love “Twilight” or dig experimental rock, you might be into tonight’s show at Starline with 100 Monkeys.

The Los Angeles-based band includes actor Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale in the “Twilight” movies. He also had a starring role in “The Last Airbender,” making for a big summer on the silver screen.

One interesting thing about 100 Monkeys — the band members are known to switch instruments during their live shows.

It’s turned a few heads. Rolling Stone named 100 Monkeys one of the breakout bands at influential music festival Bamboozle.

Tickets for tonight’s show cost $15.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: 100 Monkeys pack some ‘Twilight’ oomph"

Heather says:

When I first heard about this show, I shrugged it off because of the “Twilight” angle, but this second write-up has me kind of intrigued.

If only I had the $15.

Lisi says:

I tagged along to the show tonight, and aside form the little kids and drunk moms, I enjoyed the band. The instrument switching was neat. I particularly enjoyed their percussionist, Lawrence.

Stephen says:

Show was packed to the brim, screaming mimi’s all. It was fun to watch the aforementioned drunk moms fighting for position against all the tweens and teens.

But what I liked the most was the band afterwards. They sat and signed autographs for every person who wished for one, and took the time to banter or flirt with every person in line.

One girl’s mom embarassed her daughter by confessing it was her 14 year old’s birthday, and one of the band members reached in his pocket and handed that starstruck girl his plastic sunglasses.

Another female in a wheelchair confessed her adoration of the Twilight dude, and upon hearing it was HER birthday he leaned over the table and kissed her.

The band members were simply as nice as could be to staff, fans and especially the local bands, who got a chance to play for the biggest crowd they’ve ever seen.

It’s really nice to see bands on their way up, who are enjoying the journey and respect their fans. Too many diva bands on the way down treat everyone like dirt and it’s sad to see the cynicism.

Kudos to 100 Monkeys, who earned another unlikely fan in 46 year old me.*

*who has never seen any of the Twilight movies, but found Jackson Rathbone’s Texas charm to be earnest and sincere…but not enough to entice me to watch the films ;-)

Jolynn says:

I was already a HUGE 100 Monkeys fan before last night so I’m a little biased but I am glad to hear they won so many over last night. Their music is a breath of fresh air in a sea of cookie cutter BS! I do have to say that the show here was the BEST one of theirs that I have seen so far! Don’t get me wrong, they are always great but I think we impressed the boys with our energy and in response we got a really amazing show! They are always so nice to fans and it was excellent of them to stay and sign for everyone. Let’s hope they come back soon! It will be nice not to have to drive to LA all the time to see them!