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Did They Just Say Fresno? ‘Psych’

Woah, they make Decepticons in Fresno? Oh, no? They don’t? Thanks, “Psych,” for crushing my dreams. At least we got a shout-out in the latest episode of USA’s wacky detective show. (Which I totally love, btw.)

For the record, Shawn and Gus, you’re welcome in Fresno anytime.

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[Thanks to Kristi for the tip.]

Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? ‘Psych’"

E.Rose says:

Oh well…If “It’s made in Fresno”, it Can’t be a decepticon ..pshh don’t be silly.

Traci Arbios says:

Helloooo??? I own like 3 Decepticons and they were ALL made in Fresno. Except that one that was made in Clovis, but whatever.

Nice! Psych’s done a Fresno mention once before, if I’m right. Nice find Kristi!