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Fres-Know: News for real people life


NEWS: Bus riders file suit against Greyhound after crash. [The Bee]

FRESNO DISS O’ THE DAY: A baseball announcer is talking sh*t. [The Fresnan]

GO TO THIS: Mayer Hawthorne. Frank’s Place. Aug. 21. Now with rad poster. [LTC]

OPINIONS: “I know of no one who will ride a bicycle 15 miles to work” [Letters]

NEWS: Comcast is giving you more channels starting today. [The Bee]

BLOGGINGS: Did local filmmaker produce the worst movie ever? [Fresno Famous]

LISTEN TO THIS: Like jazz? Stream Armen Nalbandian’s new album. [BandCamp]

Responses to "Fres-Know: News for real people life"

Travis says:

Awesome headline!

The Fresnan says:

F#*k Mayer Hawthorne.

Mike Oz says:

Sir, we do not appreciate such coarse language here. If you wanna be all sophomoric with your f-bombs, I suggest you go to

Mike Oz says:

Thank you. For anybody who doesn’t get it … sorry … had to be at Pub Quiz last night.

Mikey says:

F*#k The Fresnan.

hilary says:

F#*k inside jokes.

AttyKendall says:

Isn’t there already a Mike and Mike show? Now I’m thinking maybe there should be another one. Maybe Mike and Mikey in the Mooorning?

Mike Oz says:

Yes, those guys talk about sports. But f*#k those guys.