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Concert Watch: What’s Tony! Toni! Toné! without Raphael Saadiq?

Nineties R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné! is due in Fresno on Aug. 21 for a concert at Woodward Park Amphitheater. Now you’d think a guy who likes “If I Had No Loot” as much as I do, would be excited about this. But there’s one problem — original singer (and best known TTT member Raphael Saadiq isn’t with them). Sigh.


Also part of the show — billed as a clash between old and new R&B acts — are J. Holiday and Bobby Valentino, neither of whom make up for Saadiq not being there. If this sounds like you’re kinda thing, though, you can get tickets here for $15 or $50.

Another R&B at Woodward Park note: Keith Sweat will play the amphitheater on Sept. 11. It’s a Mega 97.9 shindig. Tickets are on sale Thursday and can be purchased here.

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Responses to "Concert Watch: What’s Tony! Toni! Toné! without Raphael Saadiq?"

559rell says:

Feels Bad.

They need Saadiq to be Tony!Toni!Tone! that I’d want to see.

-Rather disappointed.

slyfoxx says:

WTF! This group has done over 400 shows without Saadiq and has several hits without Saadiq leading if you do your homework! Its a great show! Get with it Fresno!

w.r. square says:

saadiq is easily one of my favorite artist musicians but dang.

not trying to argue with slyfoxx but i don’t know what ‘hits’ you’re talking about unless you count ‘diary’ w| alicia keys.
i love that track but TTT is ‘feels good’, ‘pillow’ & ‘anniversary’…all w| saadiq on lead vocs. =[

The 1 who knows says:

Saadiq has not been with the group since 1998– let the truth be known, cause some of ya’ll are obviously in the dark– especially the person that started this blog– Oz. Amar Khalil has held the Tonies down since 1998. He sounds so much like your real deal, that people cannot even tell the difference. The Tonies consist of Dwayne, Amar and Tim and that is and what has been happenin for over a decade. Fresno will not be disappointed. Ray aint got nothin on Amar. Believe that!!! Oh and let me take you back even further…. it was Amar before ya’ll even got introduced to Ray… do your homework before you go yappin off about what the group isn’t without somebody… Ray who?

BayBoi says:

Anybody who has seen the Tonies perform over the last few years knows Amar does his thing… don’t sleep on that brotha– Rafael has not been missed.

Goffnj71 says:

I don’t care what anyone says, The Three T’s just isn’t the same with Saadiq.