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Cross Streets: Divisadero & Fulton

The guys from The Dumb Drum are back with another installment of their most hilarious Cross Streets series, in which they examine various local intersections. For this one, they head downtown to Divisadero and Fulton. I had an actual LOL moment in this one.

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Responses to "Cross Streets: Divisadero & Fulton"

Elz says:

As a Fresnan turned San Franciscan… seeing this pop up in Twitter, from the Beehive, tripped me the flip out….hahah.

Heather says:

Was it the “taste the air” part? Because that made me laugh. So did the mad lever pulling.

Mike Oz says:

It was the lever pulling, specifically a look that Bryan gives.

Andrew says:

These keep getting better and better.

Chase Sanborn says:

Unsecured levers are my life!!

BTW, I was pleased to see Brodiemash lunching at my favorite chez du cuisine the other day. The Chevron mini-mart at Shields and Clovis.

Not a good Cross-Streets candidate, though.

Joan Obra says:

The “unsecured levers” scene made me laugh. But all that mannequin love scared me a little — and put that damn Starship song in my head. Now it will be there for days…

Marc M. says:

“We’re going to Revue”.

karma says:

i wanted to see the reactions of the people getting their power turned on and off.
strobe light!!!

brodiemash says:

Thanks for the Cross Streets love!

Bryan Harley says:

What can I say, I have a weird face.

Breaking News:
Via Roque’s FB status…
“Roque Rodriguez was called out by former 47 news anchor John Wallace while in line at Johnny Quik for being late on a new installment of Cross Streets. LULZ!”
July 22 at 12:43pm

This is like discovering the identity of Deep Throat (from the Nixon days…not the dirty act of sin)…

Not conclusive evidence, but a strong clue.

Jason M says:

I grew up in that hood (Calaveras & Divisadero. The air does NOT taste good.

Yeah, that building does look boring. For now. But soon Fresno’s about to get something really special on that building, thanks for testing the power bryan and roque ;).

Lips sealed.

Zelda says:

Ha! Was that the Benny Hill theme music that you opened with? Another ‘cross streets’ classic.

Lisa A says:

Lol Too funny. On my next walk I’m gonna go find the unsecured levers and the little nook! Towards the end I see the doors of the massage studio open! How did I not see you guys filming out there? Would have said hi :-)