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Faster Pussycat/L.A. Guns concert turns into quite the fiasco


It sounds like things got UGLY Saturday night at Frank’s Place, where Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns were supposed to take the stage. Numerous people are telling us the show’s promoter — IQ Promotions — ran off with the door money and the headlining bands then refused to play because they hadn’t been paid.

You might have already seen the upset comments coming into The Beehive. I’ve gotten a good number of phone calls and e-mails in addition to those. From all of it, I’ve been able to piece together this rundown of the events:

About 150 people (at $20 per ticket) were at the show. It started fine, and the local bands performed as scheduled. Before the headliners went on, IQ’s Heather Porter, who had been working the door, left with the money. John Corabi, the first of the headliners, played his set. As the next bands were setting up, they came out and said they weren’t going to be playing. In addition, I’m told that neither sound nor security got paid — and somebody even left with the headlining bands’ merchandise money.

I tried to reach out to Porter for her side of the story. I called her phone numerous times, but it goes directly to a voicemail that says it isn’t receiving messages. I sent her an e-mail that she hasn’t responded to in 24 hours. The MySpace page used by IQ Promotions has been deleted. And there’s a Craigslist ad by Porter’s husband’s former band looking for a replacement and saying they were “totally screwed” too.

I also got an e-mail from 95.7 The Fox this morning, whose logo was the show flier, saying, “We were not on site, we were not a presenter and I am horrified to see our logo attached to that debacle.”

Stuff happens at shows — especially shows operated by local promoters. But this incident seems especially ugly. It’s elicited a number of reactions: someone wanting to hunt her down, someone saying they’d never go to another IQ show and someone hoping for legal action. A local sound guy, noting Porter already had a sketchy reputation, said: “She should be blacklisted from every club in this town.”

It’s worth noting that Saturday night’s show was originally scheduled to take place at Jon Jon’s, but got moved to Frank’s Place a couple weeks back. A lot of recent IQ shows have had similar venue-shifting. It was supposed to host a May 21 date at Crest Theatre with Nashville Pussy, but that got downgraded to Jon Jon’s before getting canceled altogether. Word was that Nashville Pussy hadn’t gotten paid its deposit, so they canceled the date.

IQ’s next big scheduled show is Aug. 8 at the Tower Theatre with the Michael Schenker Group. Interestingly enough, the Tower’s manager Susan Neville said she talked to Porter this morning. At that time, Neville said she was unaware of what had happened at Frank’s Place on Saturday. She says the Aug. 8 show has already sold more than 100 tickets, but that the theater has the money. She sounds hopeful that the show can go on without incident.

Responses to "Faster Pussycat/L.A. Guns concert turns into quite the fiasco"

Susan G Neville says:

My name is Susan Neville from The Tower Theatre. Just want to let you know that MSG & Lynch Mo will happen whether IQ Productions is involved or not. Line up will be – doors at 6pm, Shiver Fox will play at 7pm, Sin City will play at 7:30, Lynch Mob at 8pm & MSG at 9pm. Tickets are $48.50 for a reserved seat in the 1st ten rows, $38.50 for a 1st come 1st serve in the rows after that. Call The Tower Theatre Box Office at 485-9050 or online at

floydy says:

i found a video on youtube that has a good summary of what happened on saturday night too:

Juliette Sierra says:

I attended this IQ event on Sat. with 2 other people. It started out great but turned ugly real fast. Many people want their money back from IQ Promotions- and rightfully so! I was able to reach IQ Promotions owner, Heather Porter, today and she pretended to not know the events of Saturday night, did not apologize, and promised to call me back about a refund, BUT did not take my phone number. Surprise, surprise. I take the unprofessional action of Ms. Porter personal and guarantee that I will take what ever actions necessary to get a refund (legal if necessary). Too bad she made a good night of music bad for the bands and the FANS. Not cool, Heather!

Starline says:

We have cancelled the remaining two shows we had scheduled for IQ. We have attempted to contact Heather but havent had any luck yet. More than one local promoter seems to have the idea that ticket sales will cover the bands guarantee and therefore they dont need to worry about it. Promoters should have the bands guarantee IN HAND when the bands show up. Thats how real promoters work. If you cant afford to be in the promotion business, get out of it.

Juicy! says:

IQ is Done in this town!! After playing for Heather once I knew she was crooked and I never wanted my bands to play for her again!!

Why is Death Alley pulled from the MSG/LM show??? If Heather is NOT involved then they should be on the show!!

Susan..If she is Involved you need to let the public know..So they can avoid this scum of a promoter and to make sure SHE NEVER RIPS OFF FANS AND BANDS AGAIN!!!!!

bradley says:

“Promoters should have the bands guarantee IN HAND when the bands show up. That’s how real promoters work. If you cant afford to be in the promotion business, get out of it.”

^^ That’s the meat of the matter right there, well said.

While its a different matter than jetting with the night’s take as with what happened with IQ, not paying tech and talent because “we had a slow night”is a much more common-place problem.

I have never not paid anyone in over 10 years of doing shows. You just don’t do that. Some nights just tank, and that’s when you have to dig into your own pocket to cover costs. And pay up that very night. As a last resort, if you can’t pay right then and there, pay as soon as you can.

How some people sleep at night, I’ll never know.

DMK says:

Sadly this story gives Fresno another black-eye and bad reputation for being a small town and not cool to come to! Once again we get missed out on really great small venue bands that are playing everywhere but here! Come on Fresno!!

mdub420 says:

that is gangsta!!

Heather says:

“Come on, Fresno?” How about, “Come on, Heather Porter”? Why blame an entire city for one person’s misdeeds? I doubt anyone said, “Come on, Los Angeles!” when Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to jail two weeks ago, and that kind of thing happens there all the time.

bradley says:

You’re kidding, right? Don’t be a knee-jerk fresno-hater. Crap like this goes on in every town. Shady promoters are everywhere.

Lordy says:

Please tell me you have lived somewhere other than Fresno to be talking like that.

And BTW, people in other parts of the country say stuff like “Come, on Hollywood,” ALL THE TIME.

Eddie says:

and this is yet another incident in a long history of incidences i have heard of in the fresno music scene from bands where dealings with IQ Production ended with a very sour note….enough, change begins now.

Allen says:

She screwed our band at Crossroads two years ago. One time and that was it for us. I couldn’t believe when I heard she was able to start booking bigger bands!! This does not surprise me.

Conlan says:

Yeah, come on, Heather. How dare you suggest this isn’t completely Fresno’s fault. And on top of that you go on to suggest that there are shady characters in places other than Fresno? Please. You clearly must have never lived anywhere else or you’d realize how ridiculous you sound.

Conlan says:

Yes, you raise some important issues. But, to be fair, there’s a pretty big difference between coming up short on cash and literally running out with all the cash.

ric h says:

I am a former musician who played in a couple of her bands and was booked through her dumb azz too. And let me tell you there is nothing in that womans body that runs straight! I have watch her book too many bands.(6 in a 4 hour block). Rip off bands that were guaranteed a room, dinner, door, and what all musicians expect, BOOZE! Take the actions you need to take. Make her wish she never ever screwed with the tight nit musical community we have here in this wonderful town. Run Heather, and never come back! Ric

laura splotch says:

i was at this show for the death alley motor cult…they asked me to do the merch table for them and l.a. guns, like i did last time they played at the starline. i had gotten there late and didn’t get the table set up…but when i heard what heather had done, i felt terrible. if i had been working their merch…at least that money would have been safe. as a part-time punk rock promoter, i always make sure the bands get all of the door money, minus the money for the sound guy. on occasion, i have had to pay out of my pocket if the public doesn’t show up for a show…the band performed, they earned it! even if it’s just 50 bucks…the bands need gas money to get to the next gig!!! for her to do this (again) is scandalous and beyond comprehension. never guarantee what you can’t deliver…

Hey, this is Sinner the ex vocalist of 2a.m. Gypsies. I want EVERYONE to know that myself and the other members of 2a.m. Gypsies had absolutely no idea Heather (IQ Promotions), was going to do what she did to the club, the bands and the fans and any and everyone else that was burned from her actions. I left the club shortly after we played and within a few hours received texts saying “someone” ran off with the money and that the headlining bands were not going to be playing. I immediately called Heather to find out what happened and was unable to reach her. I sent numerous texts without hearing a word back from her. The next morning I received numerous messages and phone calls saying Heather took the money and ran. Again, I tried reaching her with no luck. Later in the day, I noticed the IQ Promotions as well as the 2a.m. Gypsies myspace pages had been deleted. I received a text message from their number saying they were not taking any calls but that they had gotten “totally screwed over” the night of the show and that they would call me the next day to explain. I responded by saying that the rest of the guys in the band and myself were no longer going to be a part of 2a.m. Gypsies and wanted nothing to do with IQ Promotions. She sent a message back telling me what we could do with ourselves. I heard back from her today and she said she DID NOT steal any money or intentionally screw anyone over. That she straightened things out with the club, the vendors and the the bands that were not paid. Whether or not she actually did, I don’t know. All I can tell you is that myself and the other members have re grouped and our new band name is 69 Stiches and we are currently looking for a new bass player.

Syryc says:

Just want everyone too remember not all local promoters are crooks, Ive been doing this for a few years off n on I do it for the music and have never screwed anyone on any shows of mine. I Have taken a loss a few times but came out of pocket and paid who needed to be paid. There are some good promoters in this town let there reputation speak for them, please dont just judge all of us because IQ, I love promoting I do it out of enjoyment I do it for the music, Fresno’s music scene is amazing if you just take the time to listen and go out and support you local music scene….Syryc

Syryc Productions

DMK says:

Your are correct in that this stuff goes on in all cities..”Come on Fresno” was the wrong thing to say-I have been in Fresno for a very long time and I support this city…I just get frustrated when we don’t get some of these things right!! So I apologize for what seemed like Fresno-Bashing.

The Baron says:

Very simple- IQ Zero Productions has done what they always did- screw honest people, to line their own pockets.

I have known Hollywood & Heather for some time. They use dubious techniques, to say the least.
If it’s not cash rip-offs, it’s, shall we say, involving the “casting couch”. Not practical, nor accepted HONEST business practice.

To all other promoters- I, for one, judge by deeds, not by something someone else has pulled. Hopefully, you will behave honestly, when dealing w/your talent.

To those venues seeking to fill in their calendars: There are many good bands ready to fill the gaps- Steelgrave, Subdue, Friend Or Faux, to name a few. If you’re not familiar with them, I suggest you check them out.

To all bands- Do your homework! Watch who you are promoted through!

The Baron says:

How does one get in touch with you? I have a band to recommend to you, that is ready to fill in. These fellows are honest, hard-rocking, and can bring in the crowd.

Ray says:

The video link made me LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL………………
Still LOL……………

Zolo says:

My name is Zolo and I host Turn That Damn Noise Down on KRZR.
I have dealt with Heather Porter before and had nothing but problems with her.
She has threatened me about her band when a song didn’t play. I do believe that no matter where you go there are shady promoters, it’s not ‘A Fresno Thing’.
IQ Zero is DONE in Fresno!! I feel bad that the bands and fans of had to suffer her Scandalous, malicious, and juvenile actions.
Support our local scene. Don’t lose faith.

jma1one says:

My band played the Starline that same night for D4D Productions with Death Riders featuring Neil Turbin of Anthrax fame and Metal Sanaz hosting. Great show! And, there were no money problems! That was D4D PRODUCTIONS; GREAT GUYS! Have a band? Look ‘em up.

Susan G Neville says:

First off I am very sorry to hear about what everyone had to go through at this show. You went to be entertained not aggravated.

Heather will never again be part of anything happening here at The Tower Theatre.

As a local promoter I get it! My husband, Chester and I have presented many shows at The Tower Theatre including Gilmour Floyd/ 1964 The Trib / David Sanborn / Manhattan Transfer / Ottmar Liebert / JJ Cale / Y&T / upcoming James Cotton.

As far as the local bands and the change in the line up I was clueless when she called me to say she changed the lineup. After hearing the nightmare story I now realize that she changed it because no local band would want to play for her ever again. Shiver Fox had already played and knew nothing about what happened.

To those local bands who were scheduled to play. I am deeply sorry things got so screwed up. I made the committment to Shiver Fox based on the conversation I had with Trey after Heather had called me.

With that said, I am going to proceed with the MSG/ Lynch Mob show at The Tower Theatre. I would like to offer everyone who came to the show at Frank’s Place $5 off their ticket. Bring it with you on show night if you haven’t bought your ticket yet or call me at The Tower, 485-9050, so we can work it out.

I am asking everyone to move forward now. It’s about the music and the support for the artists whether they be local or not. Reputable promoters will continue to bring shows here in Fresno as long as people support those shows.

the homebucket says:

Dudes. IQ promotions is an embarrassment. Glad to see that The Tower Theater will keep the MSG show on despite the evil deeds of this Heather and IQ promotions.

IQ Zero means no IQ, great name says:

well we all know the iq zero bunch and understand that they dont know how to be promoters

it aint over until the fat lady sings.. and she did says:

We all know what the deal is with IQ “ZERO”, they have no IQ therefore they do dumb stuff, I even heard that they owe money to the Whisky a go go, which of course has given a slapback in the face to Fresno thanks to heather. promoting is not easy, I remember when Heather said that she was not like Silva who clings to acts brought by Gardea, numbskull or others and pretends to make them his own, but she actually made things happen herself”

Well she shit caught up to her and her hubby this time around cause no one will book with her, venues and bands are reading this thread, thanks to BH for putting this out and people for sharing their stories

Here’s to good promoters in Fresno… hang in there keep doing whatcha doing right

SDB says:

My name is Sullivan Bigg with Bigg Time Entertainment in Los Angeles. I am a licensed & bonded talent agent. I am the exclusive agent for Great White, Kix, Keel, Nelson, Jani Lane, Stephen Pearcy, Dizzy Reed of Guns N Roses and others.

I too had a horrible experience with Heather with IQ Promotions. She booked Stephen Pearcy of Ratt & Dizzy Reed of Guns N Roses with me for a ill fated show scheduled back on April 10th of this year. She submitted an offer and I contracted the show. She signed the contract but couldn’t even come up with the 50% deposit (which is industry standard). After a bunch of frustrating emails with her I ended up pulling the date. She has no money.

Sadly Heather represents a “new breed� of so called promoters out there who take on shows and “fly by the seat of their pants� hoping ticket sales will pay for everything and then play the victim when it all goes bad and they don’t have the money to meet the commitments they took on. The TRUE definition of a promoter is someone who has the money to cover the entire cost of the show REGARDLESS of ticket sales. Bottom line is that if you don’t have the money you have no business doing the show. When a promoter signs a performance contract with a national act, that Artist is guaranteed their money whether the show sells 4 tickets or 4,000 tickets. When she signed my contract she became legally obligated to the full amount. I tried several times to explain all this to her but after a while I realized that she just “doesn’t get it�.

Another thing to remember boys and girls if you are promoting a show, the moment you begin advertising and using the Artist’s name and likeness to sell tickets (regardless of whether or not you signed a contract yet) you automatically become legally obligated to the Artist for the full amount of that show… it shows intent. Technically speaking the promoter has NO right to be advertising and selling tickets for an Artist without a signed contract & deposit received by the agent.

She complained that the pre-sales for Pearcy & Dizzy were very low… I didn’t doubt her word given the fact that with no money how could she properly promote the show???

No radio ads or print ads in the local entertainment paper… nothing! Just a few postings on websites.

I understand why Faster Pussycat and LA Guns did not play and I agree with them 100%…. final payment is due in full, in cash, PRIOR to performance or NO SHOW. Artists have been getting screwed over by these “hackâ€� promoters like Heather for a very long time.

Heather’s problem is that she is a “fan� and not a promoter. There is no such thing as a promoter who has no money. It is people like Heather that make things so difficult for legitimate people in the music business.

I contemplated legal action against her but reconsidered given the fact that by her own admission that she has no money.

Funny, the ONE thing a real promoter is supposed to have she has none of.


Sullivan D. Bigg
Bigg Time Entertainment, Inc.