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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

When you’re not hiding from that looming 106-degree heat …

Ana Tijoux enters Fresno this weekend with a good amount of buzz. She had the single of the week on iTunes this week for her “1977.” She’s a female rapper from South America who has been performing in big cities all over the country — and she’s in Fresno on Sunday, playing at Frank’s Place. Yay us.


Kuppajoe has a good one tonight for you all-agers, and some of you older indie rock fans. Portland group Archeology is here, sharing with stage with our Central coastal neighbors Lakes. Both bands sound really good, so you might wanna give this one a shot.


It’s a full-on ’80s rock revival down at Frank’s Place, which hosts the Triple Threat tour with Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns and John Corabi (you know, the other Motley Crue singer). Rock on, dudes and dudettes.


Earlier this week I told you all about the new all-ages venue in the Tower District, Neighborhood Cafe. Now I’m just gently reminding you that the show is tonight. Also, I wanted to post the cool flier again.


The guys at downtown bar The Lamp Post have been steadily trying to get more and more involved in the local music scene. Tonight, as part of its ongoing concert series, The Lamp Post has a night with local rapper Populus and his touring buddies Abel Abilities and The Late Uncle Disco. In addition to it being a fun Friday night show, I really wanted to post Pop’s new promo photo, which I think is awesome.

LP July16th.jpg



Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend"

Cherry3.142 says:

Im gonna throw this in there, because I know you are a supporter Mike Oz!

Summer Smackdown!

NOtown Starlettes are playing SinCal at thr Mcdermont Field House in Lindsay tomorrow night (Saturday July 17th), Doors @ 6, Hits @ 7!

Heather says:

I like that the Ana Tijoux show starts at 8 p.m. Being an old woman, it’s hard for me to stay awake and alert waiting for the shows that start at 9 or 10. I hope this earlier start time is a trend.

D4D Music says:

July 17th at The Starline, D4D Music Presents Death Riders featuring Neil Turbin from Anthrax, Channel, Maddox, Dont Tell Her That and Chamber 7. Hosted by Metal Sanaz.

Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door.

Doors open at 7:30 PM. Must be 21+.

To order your will-call tickets, click here:

elguapo says:

Has anyone ever been to Frank’s Place?
What is that venue like?
Is there somewhere to sit down?

Heather says:

There are a few places to sit. The time I was there, the seats were taken until the music started, then I found a couch to rest my old bones on.

Mike Oz says:

What Heather said. But it is one of those stand-up and crowd as close to the stage as you can get type of places.

Also, it’s pretty big and long — holds a probably 350-400 people. Sorta has a retro feel.

bkiser says:

Well, the Faster Pussycat/LA Guns/John Corabi show was a bust. Faster Pussycat and LA Guns never even played because they said the promoter took off without paying any of the bands, sound guy, or security.

Mike Oz says:

woah! that’s no good. thanks for the update though.

anybody else there and have any info to share?

elguapo says:

I also went to the LA Guns/Faster pussycat show at Frank’s Place. Not seeing LA GUns and Faster Pussycat bites!!

So when we got there, the band Shiver Fox was setting up their instruments. I was surprised, they were pretty good. When shiver fox played there was like about a group of about 15 girls dancing while they played. That was sweet!! Watching those chicks bounce up and down was worth the $20 bucks alone!!

Then John Corabi came out and played. He was really good too and closed his set with “Hooligan’s Holiday”.

So then we were just there waiting. It just seemed like everything was normal and they were setting up Faster Pussycat’s equipment.

Me and my woman, were sitting there waiting and waiting, we thought what’s the hold up? So as we sat there waiting and waiting. Then some dude yells, sorry folks Faster Pussycat and LA Guns won’t be playing because the promoter grabbed all the tshirt and souvenir money and ticket money and walked out the door and didn’t pay the bands! WTF?? Peoeple were ready to start a lynch posse.

As soon as he said that alot of headbangers were pissed, i thought they might start a melee so we just left.

I bought my tickets for $20 each at the Tatoo shop on the flier so it wasn’t a big deal to me, it was only 20 bucks plus i did get to see shiver fox and john corabi so they were worth the $20.

On the flier it says IQ promotions was the promoter. Deosn’t anyone know who runs IQ promotions? They should report that dude to the po po!

From now on i’m only buying tickets from ticketmaster. Now i’m a little paranoid about buying deftones tickets for their concert at Woodward park, what if the promoter runs off with that money, those are alot more than twenty bucks!

Dear IQ promotions owner! Watch your back homie!! I’m going to volunteer at the FPD to make sure they catch this schmuck!