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Fresno Mag’s ‘controversial’ new cover


When I saw Fresno Magazine post something on Facebook about its “controversial” July cover, I got excited. I thought it was going to be something outrageous. Like a rapper. Or a mural.

In fact, the cover (pictured at right) is pretty ho-hum, if you ask me. It’s Fresno’s king of right-wing radio gab Ray Appleton and his — gasp — tattoo sleeve.

It seems like a non-starter to me. But who knows, maybe people are holding anti-Fresno Mag rallies on the corner of Champlain and Shepherd because of this glorification of body art. Have I just not heard about them?

Or — this is more likely the case — is Fresno Mag just trying to invent its own controversy? (And am I just a sucker for buying into it with this blog post? Probably.)

I saw one person on Facebook who called the cover “classless” and blamed Fresno’s poor rep on images like this. That’s a huge overreaction. But I’ve also heard enough Ray Appleton stories that I’m not surprised to see his tattoos. I know he’s not as uptight and socially stuck-in-the-past as some of KMJ’s core demo. Still, I wonder if he’s gonna lose any conservative cred over this.

Responses to "Fresno Mag’s ‘controversial’ new cover"

Tim says:

The only thing controversial about this is Ray’s freaky right eye.

Oh, and the fact that Fresno Mag thinks it’s relevant. Now, THAT’S controversial.

Jamie says:

It’s controversial because like the recent Lance Armstrong “38 BFD” Cover, it is photoshopped. In truth Ray does have a tattoo (Glen Beck’s head) but it isn’t on his arm….

Fher1286 says:

Controversial would have been Vartanian on the cover showing off his watch.

They should of put Kopi on the cover, doing the same pose.

Ernie says:

It’s totally classless…but not because of the tattoo.

Seriously? Are tattoos still freaking people out? Don’t come to my church then, please.

k1a453 says:

I see nothing controversial here. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t born in Fresno, but I don’t know.

Pp caca says:

Insert Hulk Hogan quote here….Brother!!!!!

Chase Sanborn says:

The star of the Raymond Loves Raymond Show is merely doing his Pat Hill/Amazing Johnathan impersonation.

Nigel says:

I think the controversy has to do with his extreme right wing bizarre and loony tea party ideas that represent the bible belt of California. Sad!

mdub420 says:

lost all respect for the guy. yes, because of the tattoo.

David A says:

What happened to all his gray hair and flab? Lotsa shadows and tighter skin than he has had.Photoshop or roids?

Chukknob says:

“It’s a mustache. Pretty much a wedding ring. Freddy mercury had a mustache” family guy.

Jessica says:

Ray’s tattoo is not photoshopped. He actually DOES have that tattoo on his arm. And I don’t think the purpose of the cover was regarding tattoos, it’s about Ray growing up in the Central Valley.

Nigel says:

That’s what I think. Not even fresno magazine would believe a tat is controversial.

JoyUnconfined says:

The only controversy should be centered around whether Fresno Mag actually represents anything Fresno really is. Doesn’t represent anybody I know.

Sure, they’ve featured a few people I know well recently, but I know that in at least one case the article focused on peripheral ideas and points, and skimmed the heart of what that person was about. Aka: fluff piece that could have been written without even conducting an interview.

Ben says:

We should have Ashley Swearengin on the cover doing the the same pose . . . with the same tattoo.

kidcapri73 says:

Maybe we should start at the source–as in who was the source of even hinting that there was anything controversial about the cover? The only controversy is over why anyone would claim this is controversial.

Beth says:

I don’t see the big deal.
It’s probably shocking for the people that actually subscribe to Fresno mag. I’m sure the majority of the people that get it are older socialites. They probably still have the belief that tattoos=prisoners or sailors.
I don’t buy the magazine, but do read it when I’m at the IV center. I have to say, the magazine is mainly ads. Very few articles, not worth paying for it.

GW70 says:

Awesome! Ray and his big,fat tatted up arm, and his f-ed up facelift, sorry, facelifts!

Voice of the "Cheaple" says:

Melanie Warner “Kennedy” should sell this magazine to someone who knows what journalism is. She is the downfall of this publication.

And now, on top of degrading all that is good and unique about our city, readers get not only one horrible self-serving manifesto of an editor’s note, they get TWO. “On second thought,” I will NEVER read this magazine again. And why are people surprised to see such a stupid cover? What’s new?

Note to Ray: You suck. And no one gives a s**t about your tattoos.

Note to Fresno Magazine: You suck more than Ray. And that’s a lot.

By Ernie on July 8, 2010 3:55 PM | Reply

It’s totally classless…but not because of the tattoo.

Seriously? Are tattoos still freaking people out? Don’t come to my church then, please.
————————————————- Wow one of those neat Churches were everyone has tattoos and calls each other Brother, Didn’t know Hulk Hogan had a Church in Fresno sweet!

RL says:

I’m no fan of Fresno Mag or it’s owners but what here is controversial? This blog post in itself is more “controversial” than anything written on the cover. As for tats, shoot they seem more sheeple than not having tats at this point for us gen-xers or younger.

blake says:

I’m sure all the advertisers of hot tubs and marble kitchen counters have been cancelling their accounts.
Dentist offices suddenly only have People as reading fodder.

Bad name says:

People who promote Fresno Magazine apparently do not understand the meaning of the word “controversial.”

I agree with the commenter about giving Fresno a bad name. If we haven’t progressed past the handle-bar mustache phase, what does that say about us as a community?

anonymous says:

Actually, this cover is right on point. Not that its controversial, but it does prove yet again that Fresno’s definition of cutting edge is seriously delayed. And this Ray Appleton guy is hip for the born and bred Fresnans. As is Kopi. My only question is, why are the old guys still the buzz of the town? I know there’s fresh blood out there with enlightened ideas and a bigger grasp of reality. Unfortunately, Fresno mag and many Fresnans are out of touch.

andtheresheis says:

Doesn’t Fresno Magazine seem to incessantly feature the same “it” people of Fresno? I get that there are certain locals who are considered the celebrities of the city, but come on, how about exposing what Fresno REALLY is! There’s more to this city than Kopi, Ray and Alan Autry. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone or something on the cover, or in any of the editorial, that I didn’t already know about. The majority of the cover stories are always so list-oriented — best this or best that. Where’s the real journalism? I get it that magazines aren’t meant to be like the Fresno Bee in regards to covering the latest news, but ANY news would be appreciated… not just filler articles that don’t give anything to the reader. I honestly don’t see how this sad excuse of a publication has managed to be around for so many years. I’d like to meet the supporters/advertisers of this mag and hear their reasons why they even care about such a shotty publication.