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The Week Ahead: Rosie Flores, Admiral Radley, Swingin’ Utters and more


Is it just me, or do you feel a bit lost today? Three-day weekend hangover will do that to ya. Thing is, we’re at the start of quite a big week for music. So I figured this would help get everybody back to speed.

So I goofed in last week’s issue of 7, and wrote the wrong day for rockabilly queen Rosie Flores‘ Fresno stop this week. She’s playing Wednesday night at Audie’s Olympic, not Thursday, like I wrote. Flores is so cool that she has her own day in Austin, Tx. (take that, Taylor Swift) and she’s a member of the Austin Music Hall of Fame.

If you like either Grandaddy or Earlimart, there’s a good chance you’re going to like Admiral Radley. The band includes members of both bands, including Earlimart’s Aaron Espinoza, who is a Fresno boy. Grandaddy is from Modesto, so there’s definitely some Central Valley love infused in the project. In fact, the band named its first album, “I Heart California.” You can get a listen from NPR. Admiral Radley is playing Friday at The Cellar Door in Visalia, then Saturday at Frank’s Place in Fresno.


All you fans of older punk rock, might be happy to hear that Bay Area-bred Swingin’ Utters is at Audie’s on Saturday night. They were formed in the late ’80s. Here’s a recent feature story from OC Weekly that talks about the band getting back into music, and how it balances real life with punk rock life.

A few veteran local acts are releasing new CDs this week and have corresponding gigs planned:

A few more choices options, then some fliers below:

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mamatt says:

I’m quite excited for this show. Might even go.