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Concert Watch: Which ‘Twilight’ actor is bringing his band to Fresno?

Since we’re in the middle of “Twilight” mania, a lot of Twi-hards will be excited to hear that actor Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys is due at Fresno’s Starline on Aug. 2. Rathbone (far right in the picture below) plays Jasper Hale in the “Twilight” movies and “Eclipse” gives him his biggest role to date. You can also see Rathbone in “The Last Airbender”. Buy tickets to the Fresno show here.


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Responses to "Concert Watch: Which ‘Twilight’ actor is bringing his band to Fresno?"

Zara says:

When he takes the stage, I sure hope he gets rid of his “I’ve-eaten-too-many-beans-and-now-I’m-paying-for-it” look that he’s got in the vampire movies…

Hilda says:

oh awesome.. we were supposed to see them play in Stockton a few months ago.. i guess this will make up for it!

Heather says:

Yeah, he’s got the crazy eyes! They were much better contained In “Eclipse” than in the other movies. I remember when I saw “Twilight” and he first came on-screen: people in the theater literally laughed out loud at his appearance (and by “people,” I mean me and the friend I saw it with).

Zara says:


That’s why I’m afraid to see “Eclipse” in the theater. The teenyboppers (and their moms) might not appreciate hearing me snicker if I see something dumb on-screen.