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To-Do Tonight: RockHop (unofficially)


You might remember, that I’m a proponent of creating an ArtHop offshoot called RockHop. Tonight is ArtHop, and we also have a few good local music happenings. So it’s kinda like RockHop. Just unofficial.

The traditional post-ArtHop hipster hangout has the traditional post-ArtHop indie rock band — Rademacher.

It’s been a while since we talked about Rademacher. The band has had (surprise!) a lineup change recently and is gearing up for a busy July. It’s doing a handful of dates with Admiral Radley (including 7/9 at The Cellar Door and 7/10 at Frank’s Place).

Rademacher’s frontman Malcolm Sosa was also featured on “Portraits,” a 32-song compilation that was released in May.




Responses to "To-Do Tonight: RockHop (unofficially)"

Mike Oz says:

A couple other things ….

Blake Jones posted this on Famous:

“Blake Jones & the Trike Shop [special 'trio edition'] will play from 6-8pm this early-eve (Thurs. July 1st) as part of Arthop.

“We’ll play in “All Things Fresno” –the store front that faces Fulton right there in the Warners Theater bldg.

“So before your PostArtHop fun at Tokyo…come by All Things Fresno to have a mucho-full night o’ music.”

And also, I wanna give a shout out to Twee’s ArtHop show tonight. It’s a photo show by the gal who made those Fresno buttons. She’s showing off some Fresno photography.

blake says:

TONIGHT….beFORE y’all RockHop on to the nightclub goodness….

swing by All Things Fresno:

Blake Jones & the Trike Shop (special trio edition) will be playing a long-haul set from 6-8pm for Arthop.

All Things Fresno, as ya know, is that storefront that’s on Fulton in the Warner’s Theater bdlg.

You can catch some TrikeShopTrio goodness and then swagger on down the sidewalk to Tokyo to catch BadAndy Bunnell and Rademacher.

p.s. that band name Knifey Spooney cracks me up;I do now know why, but it’s awesome.

James says:

Any particular reason Rademacher’s using Yu Yu Hakusho in their posters?