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Did They Just Say Fresno? Web comic edition

Fresno got name-checked recently in a Web comic called Bug. The guy behind it is from Wisconsin, so no, he’s not one of those cool local Web comic guys — but he still knew enough to mention us … and roller derby. We at The Beehive can’t help but love this.


For the record: If Fresno needs another roller derby team, I’m down with calling them the Floozies. One the strip’s readers even designed a logo for the would-be team, which you can see here.

[thanks to Jason for the head's up]

Responses to "Did They Just Say Fresno? Web comic edition"

Kim Burly says:

You can submit it when we have our Name our Teams contest!

Anon says:

This week’s Radiolab podcast mentions The Fresno Bee…

Mike Oz says:

Thanks. In a good way? *crosses fingers*

Jody Murray says:

I discovered this webcomic a few months ago. It can be too punny, but hits a astounding amount of LOL home runs. I highly recommend prowling through the archive.