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Indie Tuesday at Starline comes to an end


On many a Tuesday night, you’d see me here writing that Starline was the place to be for local music lovers. Over the past five or six years (I’m estimating here), Tuesdays at Starline had been become “Indie Tuesday.” That was something of an honorary title. It wasn’t something you saw on fliers. But it was one that was earned by consistency.

Vince Corsaro, the drummer from Sleepover Disaster, used to book the Tuesday nights, putting together a healthy mix of local bands and regional independent or on-the-rise bands. A few years back, the night was handed over to local promoters Love the Captive, who further established “Indie Tuesday.” From time to time, another promoter — like Numbskull or Tim Gardea — would even bring in a bigger name touring band.

Point is: Tuesday nights at Starline had become a pretty regular meeting place for hipster music fans, local band lovers and those seeking out new and interesting bands.

That all came to end last week. Last Tuesday was the final Love the Captive stint at Starline. It wasn’t planned that way (or else we would have told you last week). But word has come down the last few days that Love the Captive is out and another busy local promoter, Art Silva, is taking over.

I chatted with Silva a bit the other day, and he’s running through a litany of ideas, trying to think of something different and cool. No word yet on what to expect. But, Starline manager Mike Lemieux says, “I think it’ll be interesting to see what idea’s he comes up with.” It sounds like it’ll be a couple weeks before anything gets rolling.

As for Love the Captive, it has established its own small venue called The Captive, and are a driving force behind getting live music going at Frank’s Place. They’re still booking plenty of shows. Just not at Starline anymore.

Responses to "Indie Tuesday at Starline comes to an end"

The Fresnan says:

I will definitely miss hanging at Starline on Tuesday nights. It’s been fun watching Love The Captive grow over the past few years. Glad they have been able to move on to bigger things. They have slowly become the Sound N Vision for Fresno and that’s awesome.

Interested to see what Art does with the place on Tuesdays. Hopefully something cool enough to post about (yeah, I’m going to miss those easy “Indie Tuesday” post ideas too).

Stephen says:

I dunno, Fresnan. I hear “Love the Captive” is out at Audie’s as well, and that wasn’t their intention.

This seems more like Love the Captive is moving on to smaller things. That ‘Captive’ space isn’t even an actual ‘space.’ It’s more like a house party with bands and booze for all ages. I guess you pay a ‘membership fee’ to LTC so you don’t have to pay a cover, which gets LTC around any pesky dance permits. The peeps then BYOB so LTC doesn’t need an alcohol permit. That way no need for security to see if underagers are drinking, since any ‘member’ can drink whut they brought, who cares the age.

LTC is taking over Frank’s Place at Warnor’s, it seems. We’ll see if they can build up the crowd there without alienating any established venues. Indie kids will go about anywhere for their stuff, tho, especially all ages without worry about getting in or getting kicked out for imbibing.

We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

johnnyQ says:

it was fun learning there, The Starline is good for that, and a lot of other things. We had a lot of good times over there.

The Starline will be better off with Art Silva doing Tuesdays, he’s a hardworker and works well with The Starline. We are not out at Audie’s, he actually sent me a text tonight asking me if i wanted to meet up and talk about doing a weekly over there. I’m not sure what i want to do… but we do have a ton of options though, so thats nice.

“The Captive” space was supposed to have that house party DIY feel to it…it was a good idea gone bad – live and learn.

and now LTC has finally teamed up with a venue that shares the same vision as they (we) do.

Wish us luck on building a crowd, lord knows were gonna need it.

Let’s see what happens next, life is so exciting.

dinobyte says:

kudos to LTC for bringing fantastic bands and music to fresno, and godspeed on your venture with franks place! I can’t wait to see the shows this month.

If you find yourself newly lost on tuesday nights, you might have a brilliant time at audie’s olympic. you’ll hear a very eclectic and bad ass variety of outstanding music (a fair bit on wax as well)… but hey I may be biased I’m the DJ.

If you like metal and all that, you should probably stick with silva’s shows… and visa versa.

vince says:

I’m sorry to see Indie Tuesday nights end. Doing anything with music in Fresno on a weekly basis, though, takes the support of friends of the local music scene -those being people who will support bands and venues by paying an occasional few-dollars cover- of which there are fewer and fewer. Couple that with a diminishing number of local bands making up the “scene” (or at least bands with any stability/longevity) here, and things have become fairly grim.

Props to Johnny Q and LTC not only for sticking it out for this long, but for trying new ideas and not being afraid to fail. They have indeed become our equivalent of Sound’N’Vision, and I not only wish them the best with their new ventures, but pledge to help in any way that I can.

On another note, giving credit where it’s due: Tiffany Kleinhammer started the “Indie Tuesday” ball rolling, and Laazarus Eden made a contribution to keeping it going. All in all it was a good run.

vince corsaro

Mike Oz says:

Thanks for the shout outs at the end there, Vince. I didn’t know the exact genesis of any of this, So thanks for filling in the gaps.