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To-Do Tonight: See Kris Allen

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It still remains to be seen whether Kris Allen becomes an “American Idol” winner of the Carrie Underwood variety, the Taylor Hicks variety, or somewhere in between.

If you wanna see him with your own eyes, then head down to Tower Theatre tonight, where Allen is headlining. As of a few minutes ago, tickets were still available, according to the Tower. They cost $22.

It’s a GA show, with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. and the show starting at 7:30. Rock band Thriving Ivory is opening.

It’s something of a star-studded Monday, which is rare because Monday nights are usually pretty quiet around here. Up at Table Mountain Casino, Latin legend Julio Iglesias is playing. That’s sold out.

You should, however, check out my interview with Iglesias. It’s a hoot. As regular Beehive readers know, he and his Christmas cards are quite entertaining.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: See Kris Allen"

Darcy says:

I saw Kris a couple of days ago and he is unbelievable live! Fresno – Go!

Inspired says:

Kris Allen is for REAL! He is awesome live, no smoke & mirrors just really great music & fun band. Concert is worth 5 x that price! Go! Seriously, go!

Stephen says:

A disappointment ticket-sale wise. Only about 1/3 full, which is too bad, cuz even the opening act was worth the $22 bucks.

The tweens and up women screamed appropriately all through the show, rushing the stage very politely and slowly through the evening. Where else can you get that up-close and personal in such a great theater with such great sound?

Kris Allen’s songs are pretty boring to me, all sounding the same, and he does the same things each song, but his ‘same thing’ equals high energy and a full-hearted performance.

Really great show, but I suspect Adam Lambert, who lost to Allen, will continue to fill larger venues for quite some time.

Interesting note: I found out that Taylor Hicks’ people are asking almost 4x the amount that Kris Allen is getting for shows, and then rousting the promoters wondering why they won’t pay for such a bargain. To me, I wouldn’t pay $5 bucks to see Taylor Hicks in my own living room. Give it up, Taylor…the soul patrol was really only 15 people, mostly family members.

You, too, Fantasia. Time’s up.

And who won this year?

Oh, yeah, nobody knows. Show is over, folks, thanks for coming.

Margie says:

By my estimate the theater was 3/4 full. And it was an amazing concert. Kris is fantastic live!

whatever says:

Stephen where you even there? Do you even know who the opening act was? Cuz no the opening act wasnt worth $22, but Kris Allen is well worth double that amount. People were lined up around the block(I saw pictures) I wasnt there but I was following along on twitter & know that Kris put on an amazing show as usual.I have seen Kris and his band live and the last thing it is, is boring. Its a blast and Kris and his band ROCKS!! As far as all his songs sound alike??? What??? Sorry but no they dont. Written all over My Face sounds nothing like Red Guitar which sounds nothing like Bring it Back. If Kris is so boring to you why did you even go?

Donald Munro says:

There’s a big, big difference between 1/3 full and 3/4 full. Anyone else care to weigh in?