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Weekend Rewind: Virgin Excursions

This weekend brought a few new adventures for me — so I’m calling this the “Virgin Excursions” edition of Weekend Rewind. In the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” spirit, go ahead and tell me about your adventures in the comments.

It was A.C.’s Comedy Connection’s second show, but my first time checking out on of their offerings. It was definitely a good time and there was a good crowd there. Brian Scolaro was my favorite of the night. Once-local guy Darren Carter also performed, and I tried to grab the “Fresno-y” part of his routine (warning: some language NSFW). My biggest complaint about the show — as you’ll hear in the video — is that too many people in the bar area wouldn’t STFU.

I got my first peek at Frank’s Place on Saturday, the new downtown music venue that many people have high hopes for. I’ll have a second post on Frank’s Place coming soon, but for now, here’s a video of headliner Head Like A Kite on stage. In short: I was very impressed with the venue and the crowd was pretty good. I’m hopeful for Frank’s Place’s growth.

What did you do this weekend? Anybody see Carolina Chocolate Drops or David Arthur Brown? (Sad I missed those). Anybody try a cool new restaurant? Or visit a new shop? I heard there was a mustache party at Twee … if you were there, do tell, what was that all about? I’m a mustache party virgin.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Virgin Excursions"

Michael says:

Mike, I’m glad you mentioned the consistent chatter at the bar when the comedians are on the mic. As a poet, I have had to deal w/ this bull over the years, so I’m very familiar w/ your frustration. I would like to see the bars closed, just during the comedy, or monologue, whatever genre of spoken art is being represented. Then, re-open during the break.

Again, speaking on experience, this kind of rudeness eventually wears on the performer, and thus, the patrons who are truly serious audience members may get a lackluster performance as a result. Hopefully venue operators read this post and consider my solution. Who knows, the audience members may continue to keep supporting the event.

i hear you on that man, that does suck. however, the place is primarily a pool hall with a bar and stage. maybe it is not the right place to have such an event. do not get me wrong, i love stand up comedy and would be pissed if i paid money and could not clearly hear the act. on the other hand, i too would be pissed if the pool hall i go to every weekend to drink and have a good time with my pals expected me to be quite.

how was darren mike? i think terry michaels was also on the bill, he is a fresnan

Jennifer says:

GUILTY! So sorry guys, I was at the show and contributed to the noise. I had every intention of going to see some good comedy on Friday night but had way too much to drink by the time the show got underway (I know that’s my own fault and not an excuse, crappy week at work combined with no dinner = overall bad night). I feel terrible because I know it sucks when other people do it to me. Though I think I spent a considerable amount of time outside after being shushed.

That being said, I really like Michael’s comment about shutting down the bar while the performer is up. It’s only a couple minutes, and people would be forced to turn around and face the stage — remembering they were there to see a performance and not just to drink with their friends (sorry again!). At least in a place like Babylon where it’s so large and you start to feel removed from the show, even though your voice is NOT(sorry!!!!)

Mike Oz says:

For me, I don’t think the issue wasn’t that I couldn’t hear. I could fine. It was more that it you could tell it was bugging a few of the comics, or at least might have thrown them off their game here and there.

FWIW: I’m pretty sure that people couldn’t just go in there and play pool without paying the cover, which was like $15.

I thought Darren was OK. His schtick grew tired pretty quick to me, but he had some funny moments. He does this thing where he had his own theme song that he uses as a bumper between jokes. It reminded me Aziz Ansari’s Raaaaaaaaaany character, which then made me wish I was seeing a Raaaaaaandy show.

Jason says:

Saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops show last night and they were AMAZING, which is to be expected if you’re familiar with them (if you’re not you should be). Definitely a band to catch live if they ever swing through again. Not only do they play great, but they’ve got these fascinating stories/histories about the where the songs came from and how they found them, etc, that just adds a depth to the whole experience.

That said, the crowd was dead. The band was trying to get folks to get up and dance, sing along, participate in any way, and they were just getting nothing. I attribute it to a mix of slack-jawed wonder at the great band and laziness borne from the heat radiating in from outside.

Lance Canales and the Flood, who opened, were also pretty good.

i have yet to be at a fresno comedy show when real heckling was going on. i will love to see how well local comedians can deal with that. although i cannot stand carlos mencia anymore, some of his funniest moments were the few times i saw him in small fresno clubs in the mid nineties and he was dealing with hecklers.

Andrew says:

Agreed with everything Jason about the Chocolate Drops. FAN-tastic.

I don’t think the crowd was completely dead. I think because it was a crowded, sit-down show that people just… sat down. Plus it seemed to be mostly an older crowd. Though, I’m one to talk. I just nodded my head and tapped my feet.

There was a couple dancing in the front corner by the stairs, and people did sing along at the end. There was certainly a lot of enthusiastic applause and hollering.

My only complaint was the temperature. It was so muggy in there. I had to peel myself off those vinyl seats.

Actually, seating might be another complaint. I lucked out and snuck in up front, but I don’t know how/what the people in the back saw of the show. I could definitely see the place hopping during a stand-up rock show, though.

Michael says:

The late jazz bassist/composer Charlie Mingus used to request no action at the bar when he performed at nightclubs. He even says this on the live album, “Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus”–one of my favorite moments in music history. “We don’t applaud here at the jazzclub…the reason is, we are interupted by your noise”…classic!

melanie says:

The only thing about a mustache party, is that a mustache is required… glued, painted, grown, whatever! We had a blast! Karaoke, haikus, and more!