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Weekend Rewind: Roller derby blues, Buried Strangers and whatever you did


So NoTown Roller Derby’s weekend battle against Modesto and Bakersfield didn’t go exactly as we hoped. NoTown lost both bouts, though the main event against Derby Revolution of Bakersfield came down to the final seconds.

NoTown was down 121-119 with nine second lefts on the clock and speedy skater Betty Rocker coming up to jam. Things looked promising. Then, without explanation, it was announced the game was over, no final jam, and that Bako had won. I’m not super keen on all the derby rules, so I still don’t what happened. Any NoTown folks care to explain?

I will say it was the best roller derby bout I’ve seen — close the whole way through with both teams playing (and hitting) hard. NoTown jammer Hari Kari, in particular, deserves some props. She was getting walloped all night long, but she kept getting up every time.

One last thing: We were sitting next to a big group of loud, rude Bakersfield fans. And let’s just say they lived up to some of the stereotypes about their city. Until next time, Bako …

Another much-buzzed about weekend happening was the A Place to Bury Strangers show at Audie’s Olympic. All the chatter indicates it lived up to expectations. If you want a taste, there’s a really nice video from Joymode on the Love the Captive site, and The Fresnan has some really nice pics that were taken by Kara Lee.

Do anything fun this weekend? Tell us about it in the comments.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Roller derby blues, Buried Strangers and whatever you did"

Ivory Gretts says:

I thought a little explanation might help:

There is a mandatory 30 second waiting period between each jam for the players to exit and enter the track. Even if the switching only takes 10 seconds, the full 30 seconds must be waited out before the whistle blows and the next jam begins. The clock continues to run unless a timeout is called.

WFTDA RULE 2.3.4 (page 5):
“If thirty (30) seconds or fewer remain on the period clock when a jam ends, there will not be another jam started for that period, unless a timeout is called.”

NOtown called a timeout, the clock was stopped, but there was not another jam because NOtown had already used their 3 alloted timeouts.

As much as we were all hoping for one last amazing, point-scoring, winning jam, the last jam had actually already been played.

On behalf of NOtown Roller Derby, I apologize for the confusion. We will make a point of explaining this rule during the demo before the game starts so everyone understands why we stop the half or the game while there is still time left on the clock.

For any further clarification, here is the link to the WFTDA rules we play by:

Thanks for your love and support,
Ivory Gretts

Lucky Eddie says:

In the rules (, when there are less than 30 seconds remaining (the time perod between jams) either team may call a time out and there will be a final jam. with 9 seconds remaining NOtown called a time out, and everything was cool, until we realized we didn’t have any more!!! you only get 3 per game, and we used every single one.. BUMMER! We’re just glad that this game was a crowd pleaser, and even though we would have liked a win, we’re still really proud of all our girls!

Mike Oz says:

Thanks for the info, ladies. Sorry it ended the way it did, but it was a lot of fun.

Kassandra says:

Friday-Threw a going away party for our good friend who is moving to Colorado tomarrow. =( We started at Bobby Salazars in Tower, and walked over to Veni’s to finish up the night. Patio was full, atmosphere was amazing. Ended with a mission to Tacos Tijuana at 2 am…
Saturday-Packed up lawn chairs and snacks and headed out to Woodward Park for the “Freestyle Explosion” concert. Had a blast, and knew the words to most of the songs even though I was a toddler when they came out!

unnamed says:

I find it funny that you say you were sitting next to rude Bakersfield fans and how they lived up to their name but yet the picture you post says go home losers which was obviously made prior to the game.

Bottom line is it was a great game by both teams and due to Notown using all their timeout they couldnt stop the clock. Grats Bako and Good game Notown. Notown has great players but their fans are just as crappy as anyone else’s.

These girls are reviving the sport and play this game out of passion and to have fun not to be called losers when they get along with every single girl on Notowns team.

How is Bako losers when Notown has never beat them in the last 4 years?