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Responses to "Eminem finds his pitchman equivalent — Vince the Shamwow guy"

mdub420 says:

Relapse did not suck!!! haha. That album was hard all the way through. The Refill songs are even better.

I’m so on this Recovery that while driving to work, I was thinking, there needs to be more promotion for this. i don’t read rap magazines or watch music channels so I’m not sure if there has been promotion in those mediums. This commercial answers my question.

Emwow is right. I bet Heather buys a copy after watching this.

Heather says:


Happy to see Vince working again, though I wish he was doing a legit commercial and not just mocking his own brilliant existence.

ed says:

i don’t know about the music, but that’s a pretty funny way to advertise for your album.