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Congrats, Netflix, you have Fresno nailed

So I was doing some browsing on Netflix the other night, because we’ve decided to try that streaming-directly-on-your-video-game-console deal. When I saw that they had a list of popular titles locally, of course I clicked on it.

Netflix’s top three totally has Fresno down. Even I had to chuckle that “Misery” was No. 1.


In summary: Fresno — agriculture, Mexicans and self-hatred.

Responses to "Congrats, Netflix, you have Fresno nailed"

Fresno is my homie

Misery loves company?

Jason M says:

That is 3 funny.

Bluelou44 says:

I do enjoy watching the older movies through my XBOX 360. What did you thing about the experience?

Mike Oz says:

Haven’t actually done it yet. We’re waiting for the setup disc from Netflix, which should be in the mailbox today.

hahahaha…dude, this is hilarious…great post

ed says:

i’ve been enjoying the netflix wii streaming. i just wish there was a search function.