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To-Do Tonight: The Skatalites


Fresno’s always proving itself to be something of a ska town. Well, tonight, we get some ska legends in the flesh.

The Skatalites, a first-wave ska band founded in the 1960s in Jamaica, is playing Audie’s Olympic.

It’s been said that The Skatalites are to ska what The Wailers are to reggae. A few of the original members still play with the band, despite being pretty old. So catch ‘em while you can.

The Skatalites are best known for their song “Guns of Navarone.” Big ol’ local ska Los Hooligans are also on the bill.

For the young punk crowd: Denver’s Potato Pirates are at the Chinatown Youth Center. It’s an all-ages show that starts at 6 p.m. $5 at the door.

Check the flier for more info.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: The Skatalites"

MsJoey says:

And Los Hooligans!? AWESOMENESS!!

This is going to be such a cool show!!!!
But again, sadly can’t sneak my daughter in so I’ll be listening to the whine and moan of a teenager all week long!
We need more all-ages venues!!!!

Jody Murray says:

I second that, MsJ. I’d love to show my boy some first-wave ska.

thanks for the writeup mike.
yes, the skatalites are to ska as the wailers are to reggae and i have been fortunate enough to play with both groups. this is going to be a great night of pure skanking groovin’. i cannot wait to be star strucked by these legends again.

joey, i forgot the date, but the skatalites are doing an all ages show in the bay. has some info.

Andrew says:

Man, thanks for the tip! I would’ve just stayed home, but instead I had a great time. Both bands were a lot of fun and I don’t regret all the sleep I missed staying up.

Couple shots from the show:

Los Hooligans:


MsJoey says:


thanks for coming out, it was a great night. always wonderful to see so many people enjoying the ska. and the skatalites, i mean come on! its the skatalites