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My favorite thing on the Internet right now

… Is the @BPGlobalPR Twitter account. It’s skewering BP’s efforts in cleaning up the Louisiana oil spill. It’s a serious topic, sure, that some people might not enjoy someone making light of. But the parody here is dead on. And apparently, the real BP isn’t really doing anything to stop the fake account, which has 50,000 more followers than the real BP account. Here are a few of my faves:









Responses to "My favorite thing on the Internet right now"

Erica says:

A little insensitive sure; but man that s**** funny!

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

How long has it been spilling…and now Obama wants to say and do something?…and what?……go see Paul McCartney instead of Memorial Day at the tomb of the unknown soldier?

mdub420 says:

It’s all Bush’s fault.

LuvlyRta says:

These are too funny. I guess they could do a better job letting people know it’s parody (feel a little bad for the people who are taking these tweets seriously), but man, those are funny.

Heather says:

Wow. Some people can turn *anything* into anti-Obama propaganda.

Heather says:

Wow. Some people can turn *anything* into anti-Bush propaganda. ;)

blake says:

I remember these TV ads put on by an oil company some years back (Chevron? the 80′s?). They had these heart-warming underwater shots of pretty fishes swimming in the sea and the voice-over talked about how the crews would leave these big ol’ pipes in the water rather than removing them cuz the fishes would make a happy habitat out of them. And it ended with a tag line just *like* the above post. Something along the lines of ‘do people do things just because they care? at [Chevron] we do.”
Oh MAN, we’ll swallow ANY crap if it’s fed to us often enough.