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Responses to "Happy Birthday, Ashley Swearengin"

floydy says:


hey wuz ^? me nuthin jus chillin here in my office workin i jus wanted 2 say happy birthday 2 u and i hope u get eveything u want an more

you are special an doin gr8 thangz 4 this city and i thing you r really goin 2 have the best year yet k well im gonna let u go hope u have a great day


Stephen says:

A trophy. A huge wonderful pink trophy.

She’s been a great Mayor so far, and this from one of her pretty liberal constituents.

Best to her as she continues and Happy Birthday wife, mom, and Mayor!

LuvlyRta says:

Happy Birthday Mayor Swearengin!

'sister freedom' says:

Happy Birthday, Mayor Swearengin, M’Lady!

We’ve waited a long time for the Ladies to be in charge again.

PS – PLease stop hurting my fellow Sisters who need natural herbal medicines such as cannabis.

Thank You, and Good Luck, young Lady.

Lucy says:

Ummm…my vote was for Henry T. Perea. I mean “Happy Birthday!!” :)