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Where would you send Apolo Anton Ohno to eat in Fresno?

Olympic gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno was in Fresno on Monday for a book signing at Barnes & Noble. Before he arrived, he sent out this Tweet:


Like the chain restaurant-loving Fresnans that we are, we answered with Cheesecake Factory, In-N-Out, Cheesecake Factory, Macaroni Grill and Cheesecake Factor/Elephant Bar. On the flip side, a few people stepped up with local options — Doghouse Grill, Campagnia and a trifecta of Max’s, Cracked Pepper and Elbow Room.

A similar topic came up recently in a discussion with my wife: If you’re a celeb traveling from city to city and you can have pretty much whatever you want, would you try local places or stick to chains, where you know where you’re going to get? You know my answer. But maybe Apolo Ohno would happily hit up Cheesecake Factorys all across the land. For what it’s worth: I would have sent him to La Elegante.

Responses to "Where would you send Apolo Anton Ohno to eat in Fresno?"

Angel says:

Tower Dogs! Don Pepe’s or Tomo’s!

lisa says:

Apolo loves food but those are typical places. low key places that are so good that i think Apolo would have loved include Thai Country or any Pho restaurants. Hes asian and i know he loves asian food.

Jen says:

Max’s, Doghouse Grill, Yosemite Ranch, Sal’s, Chapala Grill, Wasabi — depends what he was in the mood for!

Mike Oz says:

I thought it was funny that today he Tweeted about craving pho. Dude, Fresno has that on lock. Should said that yesterday.

Danielle says:

The first place that comes to mind when I think of a place to eat in Fresno that is unique and DELICIOUS, hands down it’s Doghouse Grill.

Chukknob says:

Maybe Red Robin.

It’s a toss up between Don Pepe’s and George’s Shish Kebab (Downtown, of course)!

Thanks for the linkage Mike.

Jeff says:

I’d ask what he’d like, in the mood for and suggest local eateries.

TraceyScharmann says:

Telling the Ace Man to go to Broilers for his 1/2 chicken, 1/2 beef shawarma plate when he gets it on in Fresno this Friday and he’s got to get it on. If he feels like a falafel, I’d send him to Tower Express. I read in Adam Carolla’s new book that the shawarma is his dish of choice.

Heather P. says:

I like to hit up local places when traveling. The exception is the same exception I make when in town: if I’m REALLY tired, struggling with my day, and/or just don’t have the energy to deal with the unknown, I want something I’m familiar with, where the service will be regular, and nothing will throw me off. That’s what the chain restaurants are for.

rob says:

if he liked pho first and mckinley is where its at; pho99 or 75-2 but my vote goes to 99… there is also the may cafe

i always like taking out of towners to cafe tj on kings canyon late at night

eureka burger is more unique than fresno thinks; not many of em out there and they have some really really good esoteric beers on tap you can’t even find in the vast majority of large cities around the world

anyone new to california goes to in and out for some 3×3 spread only, fries well, madness

if you want something nice in fresno go to wholepaycheck and buy a couple steaks; some prepared stuffed baked potatoes, a salad and take em back to ur place provided its nice and u have a grill

erica says:

I can understand why those who travel a lot may choose to stick to chains. Then generally you know what you are getting and whether or not it will make you sick. Having said that what a freaking perfect use of twitter. When you can ask the locals what is good then you really can eat local and know that you will get good food and not be wasting your time or most likely getting sick.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Don Pepes (Blackstone and Gettysburg)

Thai Gem…Shaw at Willow (behind the Dennys)

House of Kebob….Alluvial and Fresno Street


A Star Buffet…E. Kings Canyon near Peach

JJJ says:

It’s almost insulting to recommend a national chain. I would have gone with what Fresno does best: authentic mexican food. Something like Tacos Tijuana. Although Pho is a good second option, and I like the thai country suggestion above. Yosemite Ranch is also a good call.

MM says:

Frankly, I would never suggested any chain restaurant you can find in just about every city around the US. Fresno has so many great restaurants to offer visitors.
A celeb-traveling into Fresno. I would of certainly offered him Limon Restaurant at the Universal Park Shopping Center across the street from River Park.
1. Limon-Would of offered Apolo a Cuisine of infused dishes and a great atmosphere.
2. Ripe Tomato – another great experience for Apolo to take with him.
This list could go on forever…

orlando pena says:

hell yeah la elegante is where its at! be going their since i was little and i am never disappointed!! :)