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Fighting hunger and making Fresno better through your online votes


Since we last talked about Fresno being in Walmart’s Fighting Hunger contest we’ve roared into first place. There are still 29 days worth of voting to go, but if the contest ended today, we’d get $1 million to feed the hungry in our community.

The last day has been HUGE for Fresno. We were at No. 6 with 770 “likes” yesterday morning. At the time I’m writing this, we have 4,279 behind Fresno, more than a thousand ahead of the No. 2 city.

I’ve seen people spreading this like crazy on Facebook. So many props to the local community for getting behind this — even if some of you don’t usually like Walmart.

Now, the tricky part is going to be keeping up this momentum for the next month. Keep telling your Facebook friends. Fresno’s food hardship rate (24.1%) is much higher than the national average (9.2%), so this will be much-needed help for people in our city.

To vote, make sure you’re logged into Facebook, then go here and hit “like.”

Once you’ve thrown your support behind the Fighting Hunger campaign, you can help some other local projects. A few Fresno folks are currently in the running for funding from Pepsi’s Refresh Project — which gives money to projects that “refresh” their communities.

  • SPERO SOFTWARE: One big campaign that’s started this week (and I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts about) is Spero Software. It’s a software solution for non-profits that’s in the running for $250,000 from Pepsi. A big chunk of the the money, however, would go to helping 10 non-profits and creating local jobs. More in the video below. Vote here.
  • FRESNO BULLY RESCUE: Fresno Bully Rescue, which helps rescue pitbulls, is seeking a $25,000 grant that would fix up its rescue center. Vote here.
  • BUTLER PENTECOSTAL CHURCH: The church is hoping to get $50,000 to develop a mobile program to feed the homeless. You can vote for that here.

Responses to "Fighting hunger and making Fresno better through your online votes"

lisa says:

That is amazing! I am so glad that we were able to move up to number 1!

Oliver says:

The cause looks good but it’s also helps Walmart hiding some very inconvenient facts.

Before people hits their “i like” button, maybe a little reading would help.
see for example:

– Oliver

Laurie says:

Thanks Mr. Oz! It’s great to see all of the causes on here! Fresno can Win it for these causes, it is already showing on the “Fighting Hunger Campaign”!