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2010: The Beehive Year in Review


We couldn’t let 2011 begin without a look back at the year that was on The Beehive. Below you’ll find lists of the most commented and viewed posts, as well as our most prolific commenters.

Thanks to everybody who reads, comments and otherwise participates in our little corner of the Internet. OK, 2011, you can really begin now. Happy New Year all!

# of posts: 2,192 | # of comments: 16,635

1. More on the Fresno nightlife crackdown (176)
2. Wassabi: Too crass for Fig Garden Village? (121)
3t. Grammys 2010: The Live Blog (105)
3t. And now, a word from Fresno Magazine … (105)
5. Gross polluter (104)
6. Promoter Chronicles Vol. 1 w/ Art Silva (94)
7. Q & A: Rick Mirigian on The Penthouse, downtown nightlife and 4 a.m.
8. Roe shooting a black eye for local nightlife (80)
9. Once again, Rumble in the Park is taking hits like a punching bag (76)
10. Fulton 55: The controversy has begun (75)
11. What do you think about Fresno Live? (61)
12t. Greyhound accident: What’s going to be the fallout for Starline? (61)
12t. R.I.P. KRZR (60)
14. About that Fox guy who wants to be your Facebook friend … (54)
15. Meg Whitman on Fresno: ‘It’s awful.’ (49)

1. Taco Bell is a disgrace to tacos
2. More on the Fresno nightlife crackdown
3. Wassabi: Too crass for Fig Garden Village?
4. A Day in the Life (Jan. 6)
5. The KRZR Funeral
6. Oprah in Fresno
7. R.I.P. KRZR
8. Pajama Jeans: go straight from your bed to the club and back again
9. And now, a word from Fresno Magazine …
10. Let the burger wars begin
11. So Fresno’s the drunkest city — who cares?
12. What’s Kat Von D doing in Clovis today?
13. A look at Golden Globes fashion
14. Roe shooting a black eye for local nightlife
15. Crazy Double Rainbow Guy is trippin’ off something stronger than Skittles

1. Win tickets to ‘Eclipse’ advance screening (655)
2. Win tickets to see ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1′ with the Beehive (521)
3. Win tickets to ‘Iron Man 2′ screening (266)
4. Win Big Fresno Fair concert tickets (243)
5. ‘Sex and the City 2′ ticket winners (235)
6. Win tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias (176)
7. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ screening tickets winners (145)
8. Win tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Alegria’ (113)
9. Win tickets to see George Lopez (109)
10. Win tickets to ‘Star Wars in Concert’ (102)

1. Stephen
2. mdub420
3. brodiemash
4. MsJoey
5. bradley
6. ed
7. blake
8. Bryan Harley
9. Michael
10. pk

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Responses to "2010: The Beehive Year in Review"

Michael says:

9th? Man I really slacked off this past year.

brodiemash says:

Dope! Where’s my t-shirt?

Mike Oz says:

in your closet, perhaps?

brodiemash says:

Ah, there it is!

Side note: I’ve had my Beehive shirt for about 2 years now, still looking good. My 2010 FUSE Fest shirt, on the other hand, already falling apart at the seams :( They don’t make ‘em like they used to…

Heather says:

Semi-related: the other day, someone thought Travis’s Beehive/Nickel Nickel Nine shirt was a shirt for Nick at Nite.

mdub420 says:

man, if it weren’t for Rick Mirigian, I’d probably end up number 1. I read the beehive errday. I just can’t get enough. Heck, I still log on the days where Rick Bentley is the only person writing posts.

Happy New Years errone!!

ed says:

sweet, still a top ten pest…err…commenter.

JML says:

I just read the Wassabi post. The poor Stotts. Sheesh.

Stephen says:


Stephen says:

I may be #1 this year, but I know that’s only among NON-beehivers. HMac usually kicks everyone’s butt, with MikeOz a close second.

What are the beehiver commentor stats? I’m picking MikeOz as #1 this year….

Mike Oz says:

You are correct … H-Mac was No. 1 far and away. I was No. 2. Then you.

what the heck are kanye estrada tacos?

(in the taco bell disgarce posting)

blake says:

Any list I can be on with Stephen and Ed is OK w/ me.
Happy New Year!

MsJoey says:

I’ve been dethroned!