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To-Do Tonight: Dance like it’s the ’80s


Tonight is the debut of a new club night at Starline – the 80s-themed Big Brother. Modeled after SF’s “1984,” Big Brother is crafted by husband and wife duo Jacqueline and Luke Deniston.

Expect everything from Depeche Mode from INXS to Madonna.

Fresno Famous has a nice write-up on what’s planned. Here’s a taste:

“This is me inviting people to my house and playing music for them,” [Jacqueline] Deniston says.

To be fair, they’ve been at this since July and have 13 hours worth to choose from. She started with a giant list if all the bands she loved — the Cure and Joy Division, OMD, Pet Shop Boys — then spent time with Pandora and Last FM sort of rediscovering things.

It starts at 8 p.m. Cover is $5. Plans are for Big Brother to continue monthly.


Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Dance like it’s the ’80s"

Christy says:

Sorry I’ll miss this…(I’ll be in Visalia for the Fox Theater Film Series tonight)…glad to hear it plans to continue monthly though…sounds like a blast from my teenage past! ;)

Jason says:

You guys should book the local band “maxx headroom” for one of these themed 80s night. They play all 80s pop and one hit wonders!