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New Rock 104.1′s new morning show is …


We’ve been awaiting word on the new morning show on New Rock 104.1 for some time now.

Here it is: Former KRZR jock Skippy is taking over with “The Morning After,” which starts Monday, Dec. 13 and runs 6-10 a.m.

Skippy was a fixture on KRZR afternoons. When KRZR flipped to The Beat, she shifted over to sister station Alice 96.7 briefly under a different name.

New Rock 104.1, meanwhile, took its syndicated morning show, Kevin & Bean, off the air right after the KRZR flip. Many people anticipated a new morning — that might include an ex-KRZR personality. They were right.

Says Jason Squires (aka Hammer), New Rock’s program director and mid-day jock:

To be able to bring someone like Skippy on to the New Rock staff is just something I’m thrilled about. Her knowledge & passion for the music is like no other, plus, she said she would kick my ass if I didn’t bring her aboard immediately.

Responses to "New Rock 104.1′s new morning show is …"

Antonio Coria says:

I’d like to know what happened to Kevin & Bean… after they went and brought them back to the Fresno area… UGH! So now I stream Kevin & Bean KROQ on yahoo! so I pretty much listen to KROQ the rest of the day… only listen to New Rock while in the car… SAD to say but true…

Whitney says:

Nothing will beat Kevin & Bean. Whether I download the podcast or stream the show live, I will still be listening to Kevin & Bean. I too only listen to New Rock in the car.
Side Note: An ‘All Day Eclectic’ station would be awesome, but after 6pm Evening Eclectic on 90.7 is what I listen to.

Matthew Reade O'Donnell says:

Whatever. Glad to see that there is still love for the locals. Kevin and bean sucked anyways. Now can I get some Rev? Glad ur back Skippy. There’s only one!

Jason says:

I strongly agree with the Kevin & Bean fans above! I stream them on the way to work and then KROQ all day… Is New Rock still there? Sorry local guys, but i loves my kevins and beans. I will give the Morning After a shot so i hope they win us over :)

Gil Vasquez says:

I’m excited about Skippy doing her own morning show. Every cries like a baby when the old morning shows leave (Howard Stern, Kevin & Beans 1st time, Adam Corolla, Kevin & Bean again). I actually liked Adam Corolla better than Kevin & Bean. And Skippy, if at all possible – bring Coyote with you….

Carolee says:

CANNOT forgive New Rock for taking away Kevin & Bean for the second time! Now I download the podcasts and listen to those every morning to get my K&B fix. Stopped listening to the local radio altogether – there’s just nothing good out there anymore. Never thought I’d pay money for radio, but Sirius is looking better and better all the time.

Kassandra says:

Bring back Kevin and Bean!!! I don’t even bother listening to new rock anymore. =(

Jay says:

I don’t listen to the radio but I do listen to podcasts. @Mike please do a post about local podcasts. I would be interested in learning if there are any local podcasts worth listening to. Thank you.

Matthew Reade O'Donnell says:

You guys all suck.

Mikey Walls says:

Forget K&B. There’s a reason why they were cancelled twice, because they suck. Everyone knows that KRZR (The Wild Hare) was the valley’s best rock station since Z-rock. Ever since then, it’s been back to CD’s for me because all the other stations suck (95.7 is ok, way too much Journey and AC/DC, new rock is crap, always has been, and the Blaze 105.1 is way too much Led Zep and gets isn’t broad enough). I’ll listen to Skippy in the morning, and then turn the radio off. Thank God somebody listened to the fans, and brought one of the valley’s favorite DJ’s back on the air. Can’t wait. At least we’ll have Skippy. I hope D&R, Koyote, Lou and all the other KRZR DJ’s are doing well.