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The Fresno Synced Christmas Light Tour


This weekend, I’m preparing for my annual outing to look at Christmas lights with my wife. Over the years, our tour has grown and changed — but we usually start at Christmas Tree Lane and finish in Clovis at Cindy Lane.

One recent addition to the list is the houses that synchronize their light displays to music.They use low-power FM transmitters to stream music to a radio station. Then passers-by tune in to listen to Christmas music while watching the light show.

This sorta thing grew in popularity after Miller Lite ran a commercial with a light display synced to a Trans Siberian Orchestra song. There are five houses locally doing it that I know about — including the one pictured above at 6047 N. Winchester Ave.

If you’re looking for something new to add to your light-looking journey, you could make your own tour:

Of note this weekend: The house on Citadel Avenue will be collecting money for the Marjaree Mason Center on Friday and Saturday. Volunteers will be out there serving up hot chocolate, and money raised goes to the local domestic violence shelter.

Below is a video (not shot by me) from the Sierra Avenue house.

[photo: Carrie Zulewski]

Check out The Bee’s guide to local Christmas events. This weekend brings us Fresno’s Christmas Parade, Winter Wonderland on the Fulton Mall, Zoo Lights, Holiday Fun in the Tower and more.

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Responses to "The Fresno Synced Christmas Light Tour"

Wienzer says:

Thanks Mike, I was just wondering last night if there were any of these in town.

Mike Oz says:

I read minds … not really, but you’re welcome. Good timing.

alison says:

I like the idea in theory but I would shoot myself if I was their neighbor and had to listen to that music all night long. Can’t they find something a little less…lame? Just a thought but the girls video kind of reminds me of the double rainbow guy… just saying

alison says:

Ok, scratch that. I guess I didn’t read into it well enough. No noise for the neighbors, no problem.

Cindy Pierce says:

What a great gift to our community…people giving back. It is nice and refreshing to know that there are an amazing amount of good people out there!

Amber says:

We went by the lights in Clovis last weekend. You can go in from Athens off peach. And Cindy on Alluvial. It’s called HOLIDAY LANE, the sign said. Cindy is only one street out of 5 streets that do it. Plus that whole area does stuff for other Holidays. So it’s HOLIDAY LANE, they said.You can go in from Athens, and Cindy. But what a treat with pictures for the kids with the Grinch. Or a snowman. Wonderful for the kids!

Bino Escobar says:

I can’t wait to check out CINDY LANE. CINDY LANE is so awesome. CINDY LANE rules! CINDY LANE!

fpumathguy says:

And after visiting the Holiday Lane (Cindy Lane) in Clovis do you stop at Guadalajara for some Carne Asada Tacos? Awesome experience in itself.

Seriously though the lights there in Clovis can be walked any night and they are genuinely better that way.

Gary Nettle says:

What a treat for your whole family to visit the area at Peach and Alluvial. across from the park. Park and walk. The park even has restrooms, which helped with my kids! It gets very busy. But it’s free, and always open.

Hunting for Christmas lights says:

There is a real awesome Christmas light display on the 4200 block of W. Dayton in Fresno. This house has lights that are synchronized to music. It is so increasable that you have to go see it. There has to be thousands of lights and they change all different colors.

Natali says:

Went to four of these locations tonight and had so much fun showing them to my son- he was in complete awe and to be honest, I was too! SO neat to have this in Fresno :-) The display of luminaries between Fruit and Maroa and Sierra and Bullard on Christmas Eve night is a family fave as well.

I so love this time of year!

cj says:

I believe you can view the lights on holiday lane by horse drawn carriage.check out 2445 holly ave btwn gettysburg and shaw. They did an awesome job! is a resource you can use to find the best decorated homes in Clovis and Fresno.

Lights of the Valley is designed for showing holiday decorations in Northern California that are unusual, elaborate or decorated beyond the traditional strings of lights. Not every house that is submitted will be accepted / displayed. If fact, 90% of submissions are NOT accepted!

I rely on the public or homeowners to send additions or omissions. I like to have photographic evidence of an impressive display before I add an address to the website.