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2010 Rewind: Favorite Fresno addition?


It’s the last week of the year, a perfect time for The Beehive to look back at our favorite moments of 2010.

We’ll have posts each day this week on different topics. We started on Monday with our favorite event and continue today with our favorite Fresno addition. A business? A website? An event? Anything new and wonderful within our community? Check out our picks, then leave your own in the comments.

MIKE OZ: I don’t even drink coffee, but my favorite local addition is still Iron Bird Cafe. A thriving third space where people could work, hang out, hold events, have community meetings, etc. is exactly what downtown needed. It’s already seeing results. The Iron Bird Lofts, of which the cafe is the centerpiece, has quickly turned into a thriving part of our growing downtown. Well done, Iron Birders.


KATHY: I really appreciate Fresno’s bike movement with ibikefresno, which has been great about promoting biking events and encouraging people to ride more around town.

I also have two other likes, both Beehive related: The Beehive Book Club, started by Donald in February, and the second Fresno Tweetup Goes Wild, organized by Mike.

DONALD: My favorite addition is a spanking-new theater company that offers great possibilities for the local scene: StageWorks Fresno, under the artistic direction of Joel Abels. The company debuted with great promise in September with a skilled and moving production of “[title of show].” The lineup for 2011 has me excited as well, including “The Light in the Piazza” in March and “Ragtime” in September, both local premieres.



JOAN: I like seeing small, locally-owned businesses helping each other, so my favorite new thing is Wishon Row. Earlier this year, owners of this string of businesses on Wishon Avenue started thinking as a unit — and promoting Wishon Row as a unique Fresno experience. That means you’ll see Cafe Corazón encouraging people to shop at Twee Boutique, or The SupportR driving customers to Cafe Corazón and Twee. On Thursday nights, Dusty Buns Bistro joins the mix, making the bistro bus an honorary part of Wishon Row.

HEATHER: I gotta go with grocery chain Fresh and Easy. It’s nice to have an alternative to high-priced stores like Vons, Savemart and Whole Foods — especially one that is good about answering questions/complaints on Twitter. Plus, even though I live clear across town, I highly enjoy shopping at the downtown (Tulare and R) location whenever I’m in the area. There’s rarely a crowd in the late evening, and it’s conveniently located near the 41.


YOUR TURN: So … favorite new thing in Fresno. Whatcha got?

Responses to "2010 Rewind: Favorite Fresno addition?"

Jackki says:

Fierce Creatures for sure.

melanie says:

My new favorite thing about Fresno is definitely Alexa Westerfield’s buttons… and I’m not saying that because I sell them at Twee! I think they have truly sparked a new wave of love for Fresno. We finally have a way of showing our love and spreading it to other people!

Famous says:

George Hostetter’s leap into in the blogosphere. To me, he is what blogging is about. He posts informative, fun reads in WAY more than 140 characters.

Kristin C says:

I completely agree. I have about a milliion of those things, but I work in the South Valley, so my customers are always looking at me askance. I don’t care, I wear my “South of Shaw” button with pride.

Bryan Harley says:

Agreed! I don’t miss any of George’s posts, they’re great.

Jeff G. says:

+1 for George, please add a GPS gizmo of his walks, he’s a walking machine.

Iron Bird has great food and is a top lunch spot. The art display is a great feature. Excellent service and a treat for visitors. Did I mention it is super clean!!!

I do bike to downtown(from Clovis) and appreciate the result of putting Measure C funds into bike friendly improvements.

Favorite new in Fresno is the new location of Charlotte’s. More room means more tables and a place to sit for lunch. The food is some of the best available. It’s locally owned and the people who work there are ALWAYS friendly and personable.

Honorable mention to 31 days of Fresno for an outstanding effort in 2010 to describe what’s great about Fresno. Awesomely infectious attitude that shared by many on the BeeHive.

Cori says:

Shiver Fox! Born in 2010 and will hopefully keep rocking us for many, many years to come! 2010 the year of Shivvva!!!

Stephen says:

This answer is inevitable from me, but PUB QUIZ FTW!