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2010 Rewind: Favorite event of the year?


It’s the last week of the year, a perfect time for The Beehive to look back at our favorite moments of 2010.

We’ll have posts each day this week on different topics (our favorite Fresno additions, our favorite releases of the year, etc). We start today with our favorite events of the year.

Check out our picks, then leave your own in the comments.

HEATHER: My favorite event was Swedefest, parts 5 and 6. I submitted a video for each festival; the first was a parody of “Forrest Gump,” the second was “Raising Arizona.” Both films featured my brother James — we had a lot of fun filming them and then having an audience watch the fruits of our labor. And, of course, watching the other Swede entries is always a good time.

DONALD: For me, the event of the year was a simply amazing performance by Ballet Folklorico de Mexico in March. The dancing was so precise that it made the Rockettes look like school girls on a playground. But that precision didn’t create robotic tension, which I’ve occasionally experienced watching highly trained dance companies in which uniformity is valued above all. The Ballet Folklorico folks have heart and soul to the very depth of their movements, an exquisite and finely articulated grace that nevertheless still feels brash, proud and personal. I haven’t forgotten this performance all year.



MIKE OZ: I loved Fresno Urban Sound Experience 2010. Not just because of the music (what I heard was great, but I was tethered to the Beehive stage most of the night). What really stood out to me was the sense of community that was built that night. People hopping from venue to venue and giving us a thriving cultural arts district on a Saturday night. It was great — if only for one night. Here’s hoping in the future it’s not just a one-time feeling.


JOAN: My favorite event was Rachel Granillo winning Jif’s “Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest.” I loved seeing the community rally around this little girl. It was your online votes that earned her a spot in the finals. And Rachel’s classmates were very supportive; when she called them with the news, they erupted in cheers.

Of course, the $25,000 in scholarship money doesn’t hurt, but I get the feeling Rachel will appreciate the magnitude of that prize once she gets older. She was just thrilled to have fun with the other finalists in New York City. And she made a point of thanking people — including me — who publicized her entry. My message to Rachel: It was my pleasure.

KATHY: Seeing Muse in concert in Oakland was the most memorable and awesome event for me this year. It was by far one of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen. Though, I’m still bummed they never made a tour stop in Fresno.


YOUR TURN: Favorite event of 2010? Let’s hear ‘em.

Responses to "2010 Rewind: Favorite event of the year?"

Kneebody at the 2010 San Joaquin Valley Jazz Festival. They blew everyone away. Tomas Ovalle had a nice spread.

Abe Lopez says:

FUSE is very near and dear to my heart so obviously that’s what I enjoyed the most. That being said, I really enjoyed Swedefest 6 (and not just because it was my acting debut)

Matthew Reade O'Donnell says:

Patrick Contreras’ Tower Block Party.

Andrew says:

Favorite Fresno event: Hands down, FUSE, for the reasons Mike says. Plus, that was a lot of great music for a pretty cheap price.

Favorite event of the year, period: Cirque Du Soleil Week that I just went to in Vegas. All seven of their shows there in seven days, plus tons of behind-the-scenes things. It felt like half a month crammed into a week.

No. 1: FUSE (biased as I am)

Others of note: As a non-performer this year, I enjoyed the Rogue Festival a lot. I’ve had fun on several community bike rides, including the annual Halloween Ride in through the Tower. For one-off events, Love the Captive’s show with Mucca Pazza was pretty f’in wonderful.

Stephen says:

Mucca Pazza was awesome, I agree! Much thanks to MikeOz for sending me to many of the events I enjoyed this year.

My favorite continuing event has got to be Pub Quiz. I look forward to it every week and really appreciate the folks who put it on.

My favorite one-time event was the brilliant directorial return of Joel Abels and the Fresno premiere of [title of show]. Can’t wait to support StageWorks Fresno in 2011!

Michael says:

Swedefest 5 & 6 are at the top of my list. But I also really enjoyed the tweetups that the Beehive did throughout the year, especially the one at the zoo.

Also props to Love the Captive for getting the guy from Seawolf to play at Storybook Land. Not my kind of music, but the chance to go there at night (where it has a completely different feel) was too much to resist.

Silverlinin says:

I really enjoyed Several things mentioned above: FUSE, Swedefest, Rogue. But I want to add the Frebby awards night to the mix. It was really fun! Also the grand opening of the Crazy Squirrel game store. Finally, and I almost hate to admit it, but the Fresno Women’s Conference really surprised me with how well done it was.

Although I had some super good times out of town this year, here are some of my favorite local events of 2010:

-Art Hop in general – what a great way to start off each month!
-All of the Pecha Kucha events at Starline put on by Creative Fresno.
-Tons of Love The Captive Shows, but my faves were Avi Buffalo and Mayer Hawthorne.
-Sound and Vision Shows at The Cellar Door in Visalia: Fierce Creatures (the benefit show where I was impressed with these guys for the first time), and Camera Obscura were fantastic.
-Wine Tweetup at my place, where I met so many awesome foodies for the first time. Seriously, they blew me away with how great they all were.
-Swede Fest 5- it was the first one I’d ever attended, so it was extra special!
-The Great Fresno Tweetup put on by the Fresno Beehive and The Fresno Grizzlies – awesome event that totally united the local Twitter community.
-Coffee Tasting at Cafe Corazon – Leo Rios knows his stuff – it felt like a wine tasting class.
-Pubquiz – especially the one where my team ranked higher than Blogocide! Woot woot!
-The Frebby Awards – It was so cool to see so much support shown for the local web community.
-FPU Business Forum – I got to sit w/ my future husband, Blake Mycoskie from TOMS shoes AND the Mayor!
-Trelio’s Brown Bag Dinners & Cooking Classes – there were so many Fresno firsts for me this year, and these two ongoing events are ones I’d like to continue attending in 2011.
-Picture Fresno Holiday Extravaganza – okay, I know I put a few of my own events in this mix, but an empty place is no fun without really cool people to join in!

Fresno has truly been a great place to live in 2010, and this is probably the first year that I’ve ever said that. The Beehive crew has played a major role in the good times I’ve had, so thank you!

Tony Persons says:

The tweetups were awesome. The Zoo tweetup introduced me to the greater Fresno Twitter Community….and the Baseball game pool party was just too cool. Barry Falke’s Beer Tweet Up stands out as well!

Cori says:

The Shiver Fox cd release party at the Tower Theater on 9/11/10…absolutely a night to remember!!!

Michael says:

Interviewing Fresno poetry icons Christopher Buckley& Jon Veinberg on my radio show, Pakatelas. Their tales of Fresno’s poetry history, especially stories about the late Sanger poet, Luis Omar Salinas was the wisdom that sustained me for the entire year. Ajua!

airplanejayne says:

I’m so happy to see Rogue supporters in the comments above. We’re gearing up for 2011 Rogue Festival. It is hard to believe it is our 10th annual festival — but it is! We are excited at the number of local and out-of-town performers coming, as well as the addition of a 5th Mainstage. There should be information on the festival by the 10th of January on our website: