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To-Do Tonight: Fresno’s indie rock reunion


If you remember fondly the days when Pinkeye and Kat Jones were some of the top indie rock names in town, then you’re in luck on this Christmas Eve Eve.

Jones, who now lives in Nashville, is home for the holidays and playing tonight at Audie’s Olympic with Pinkeye, who is doing what’s becoming an annual reunion gig.

Pinkeye, if you’re not familiar, was the coolest indie rock band in town in the days before Rademacher and includes well-known musicians like Bad Andy (of Bad Andy & The Sunburns) and Niilo Smeds (of Wheels of Fortune and High Winds. (Sidenote: If you know them, you know this “Peanuts”-style flier of them is AWESOME!)

A couple current local groups join them on the bill: high-powered rockers The Fay Wrays, who were recently named one of the top 100 unsigned live band by Music Connection, and punk faves It’ll Grow Back, which is fronted by our bud Famous Whitewater.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Fresno’s indie rock reunion"

blake says:

That flyer IS awesome. ‘Suitable for framing’.

John says:

That flyer IS awesome! Peanut-style Chris Eckes FTW!!