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Hey, Christmas Tree Lane, is that what we think it is?

Maybe we’ve just been drinking too much spiked eggnog over here at Beehive headquarters, but does this Christmas Tree Lane photo look especially … ahem … penisy to anyone else?

We should add that the elf who sent this photo was the vacationing Donald Munro, usually the moral compass around here. So if he’s seeing dirtiness at such a joyous place as Christmas Tree Lane … you know something’s not right.


SEMI-RELATED: Be on the lookout for a Raggedy Ann that got swiped from Christmas Tree Lane. Ragged Andy, once missing too, has been found. Buncha savages in this town!

Responses to "Hey, Christmas Tree Lane, is that what we think it is?"

steve says:

An elf’s mitten percieved as a penis? As intellectual as Mr. Munro would like us to believe him to be, the guy is nothing more than a cub reporter.

Mike Oz says:

Thanks for stopping by, Steve. At least we know for sure there’s one dick in this post.

NoTownKasper says:

Personally…anyone who is ever labeled as a “Moral Compas” automatically finds themselves dropped into the ignore basket…I mean seriously. If you see anything phallic in that image, you should probably be looking at yourself more closely and perhaps seeking therapy. It’s a flippin’ mitten.

I swear…some idiots go -looking- for things to be offended about.

e field says:

..yep, that’s what I’m gonna miss about this place.. the class.

pk says:

To answer the question….

…and yes, something is not right!
just elves and mittens here!

Mike Oz says:

Hello, Mr. Towel. Long time, no read.

Mike Oz says:

*signs up for therapy*

Christine says:

YES!!! Finally someone else acknowledges that naughty little guy! My family has been posing for photos by him for years. Looking forward to our annual photo with him is one of our favorite parts of Christmas Tree Lane.

Ezrah says:

Is Santa wearing a thong?

Heather says:

That naughty elf’s moral compass is pointed due north.

eric field says:

Good Morning, Michael ;)

yes, I’m sorry for my absence…
-though It’s been a bit since I’ve buzzed the hive, I’ve been a busy boy, and have racked up more flight miles than I’d care to number between two coasts… -I know Delta’s pre-flight video by heart, the hefty bald Asian guy (who demonstrates the life preserver) is hysterical, (though the poor narrator looks like she’s been kissing a beehive… oy.)

I am sorry to report that mid-winter shall find me here in da ‘No no longer… it’s back back to my home-land, and it’s wonderful sub-freezing temperatures.

It’s been a lovely run, here in the dusty-grape.

Honestly? thank you Sir (bows)…
I am forever touched by the time I showed up at a ‘same shape’ concert, arm in sling post surgery, saw you and you asked immed. ‘what happened to my shoulder,’ (very sweet of you.)

Your efforts on the music scene (and other areas) here in the valley I am in deep debt to…
(not to mention the odd tix I won by merely signing in and being the lucky entrant…)
Bless you sir.
I will miss our occasional crossing of paths, they’ve always been a bright spot. You are a good man.

I wish you, your very lovely wife –and whatever family you two have created, a warm and sweet holiday, and productive and happy new year…(you’re one lucky-bastid, sir, blushing is appropriate here.)

-I’ll have to be a NY correspondent and occasional lurker from here… (so far We’re loosing actors and aerialists in ‘SpiderMan: Turn off the Dark’ like flies in a bug-zapper…

…and, regarding that poor elf…, considering Donalds reviews over the past five years..?
-that he sees a mitten and thinks ‘pecker’ is not too off the pale…) –though I wish him happy holidays and good health too.

-and Heather: my dear sweet caustic woman of wit… thank you for your cayenne style and graces over this wonderful adventure in Cen-Cal, you certainly got the blood circulating on more than one occasion from this mans keyboard… (I’ll let Mintz reinterpret that however he wishes, I’ve been properly immunized.)

‘Feliz Navidad – Jeux Noel’ to you all… :)

E. Field aka ‘Wet Towel’ -speaking again in native tongue, signing off for now…

wet towel says:

…oh yak…
-and apparently the old boy has a mean case of cottage-cheese thighs…

Claire L says:

This is just a straight up ( yeah I stated that) LOL moment!

p-rez says:

has anyone ever heard the song, “back door santa”? i think steve and notown kasper need to lighten up… just a little. do you guys yell at Conan, and Ellen, and Leno when they show pics like this? it’s funny. laugh a little, you’ll live longer

Kristin C says:

Bahahahahha! Without even reading the commentary on the picture I thought that looked suspicious. I guess I need to sign up for therapy with the rest of you sickos!

Robert - Christine's Uncle says:

I was first shown this by a co-worker about 5 years ago. I pointed it out to my friends and family and they all thought it was pretty funny.

Not knowing if I was the only demented one, I stood by the display this year and listened to other people. Dozens of other people saw made the same observation.

It’s funny, get over it.

Alison says:

Little late on this one but we also take pictures with him every year. I have one from last year in the fashion of a Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg digital short. Get off your high horses people and see the funny side of life. We also laugh at the fact that they have still not fixed the lights on one of the praise jesus signs so it reads praise “jes”