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Merry (belated) Christmas from Julio Iglesias

Every day in December, I checked my mailbox hoping my Christmas card from Julio Iglesias would arrive. I returned to The Bee today after being gone for 11 days to find that I had one last Christmas present waiting for me. My card from La Familia Iglesias.

The short version of the backstory, for those who haven’t followed in the past: A few years back I interviewed Julio before a Fresno show and I’ve been on his Christmas card list ever since. It’s an annual reminder that he and his model wife have disgustingly beautiful children. The younger ones — not Enrique and the like.

julio front.jpg

julio back.jpg

Geez, I’m amazed at how much the kids have grown up since 2007 (see below).

- Merry Christmas from … Julio Iglesias? [2007]
- Feliz Navidad from the Iglesias family [2008]
- Yes, Virginia, there is a Julio Iglesias Christmas card this year [2009]

Responses to "Merry (belated) Christmas from Julio Iglesias"

Chango Martinez says:

I’m worried about Caballero and Chippie. They didn’t make the card, this year. Could you call Julio to find out the reason for their absence?

Chango Martinez says:

In fact, when I look into Chippie’s eyes throughout the years, I can see the pain and anger that the Iglesias children are hiding so well.

Mike Oz says:

Haha, yeah. Chippie does looks pretty pissed all the time. But maybe Chippie was jealous of Caballero — and they fought to the death or something.