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Let’s keep fighting hunger, with or without Walmart

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It’s lunch time and you’re probably thinking about quenching your own hunger. But how about helping the hungry in our community? Today, there’s a food drive for Community Food Bank happening until 7 p.m. at the CBS 47 studios, on First just south of Shaw.

It’s inspired by the clicking frenzy that was the last week’s Fighting Hunger campaign. While we await word from Walmart on which city gets the $1 million — the announcement is supposed to come Wednesday — Fresno hunger fighters have taken matters into their own hands.

Today’s food drive was organized by volunteers, chiefly Debbie Zamora of Sanger. She told The Bee: “I didn’t want that positive energy to turn negative. I realized we can help ourselves.”

If online donating is more your speed, the Fresno Regional Foundation has set up its own online campaign at Its goal is to get 100,000 people to donate $10. You can read more about both efforts in this story from today’s Bee.

Take these as tangible signs that the Walmart contest — no matter your opinion on it — gave us the positive upshot of uniting the community and invigorating them to care more about fighting hunger in our community. Well done, Fresno!

Responses to "Let’s keep fighting hunger, with or without Walmart"

ahmward says:

They moved the food drive to a good location at 1st and Shaw. There is easy access to drop off food and donations and it only takes a few minutes to contribute. Congrats to the Fresno Regional Foundation for its efforts to raise funds to fight hunger.

Chase Sanborn says:

Thanks, Mike, for your ongoing promotion of this event. Debbie Zamora did a terrific job organizing, and her volunteers were busy throughout the day.
I hope it’s the start of a string of citizen-driven efforts on behalf of the Community Food Bank and other clearinghouses.

Debbie Zamora says:

Thanks so much for all of your coverage on this event, Mike! You are AWESOME, and it was great to have you as a part of the Team!!!!!