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FTW Moment of the Day

The Columbus Dispatch tracked down Ted Williams, an Ohio homeless guy known to have a “golden radio voice” for the video below. As the video started to make the Internet rounds, people popped up wanting to help Ted. Someone offered to donate $15,000 to a local radio station to hire him, other radio stations were courting him as a guest and Internet commenters began raising money to buy him a cell phone. Read more at Reddit.

Responses to "FTW Moment of the Day"

danapellerin says:

Wow, amazing. The dude said it himself though, he went to school to learn how to sound great on the radio, but he pissed it away for alcohol and drugs. I sincerely hope somebody gives this guy a chance and he makes it count.

JML says:

I wonder how much undiscovered talent lurks at our off-ramps.

Mike Oz says:

Update for anybody who hasn’t followed this today: He got a job offer (with a house) from the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s also going to be on The Today Show on Thursday.

Wow says:

Youtube changes the world.
This guy sounds a lot like Brian Anthony on Mega 97.9.

Mike, Thanks for this post on facebook. This guy is going to be a total success now after turning his life around simply by the miracle of one person saying hey, this guy deserves a break. It helps my to be reminded that one person can make a difference. As I was watching the video Kathy & Roda on TV were showing the same video and saying they are going to bring him into the studio for four hours tomorrow. My faith in mankind has been restored!!!

Mike says:

Wow after watching that video I thought “He has real talent and hope someone offers him a job”. Then reading that he has gotten one just from this video, just makes me feel good. I hope he stays clean and lives out his dreams.

CamboSoup says:

He is doing a lot better now.