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Fresno gets second in Walmart’s hunger campaign


This just in from Walmart: Fresno has finished second in the Fighting Hunger Together online contest and will receive $100,000 to feed its hungry.

The much-talked about campaign ended last Friday with a flurry of votes as Fresno and eventual million-dollar winner Salt Lake City, were neck and neck in the final days. Amid allegations that both cities were cheating, Walmart spent the last five days tallying the final number of votes. When all was counted, Fresno remained one million behind Salt Lake City, as it was when voting closed. Looks like nobody’s votes got disqualified, as some were expecting.

Bakersfield ended up getting $100,000 too, for finishing sixth.

With or without Walmart, you can still help Fresno’s local campaign to feed its hungry by donating at

So … thoughts? (Btw, did anybody see the first update where it said Memphis won?)


Responses to "Fresno gets second in Walmart’s hunger campaign"

james says:

This is better for the community. We can’t rely on outside help to solve our problems – though maybe we need it to inspire us and nudge us in lifting ourselves up.

To those that invested time, talent, energy and money: thank you. This may have started with just “clicks,” but I’ve seen community members engage and unite in a whole new way. Well done.

Yes, getting $100,000 to help our less fortunate in our community is a nice gesture. But from a PR perspective I thought this was a no-brainer – with all of the controversy over the poor execution of the contest AND the public sentiment that the contest itself was (thinly) veiled exploitation, it would have only cost Walmart $900,000 to come out looking a lot better than they have been by bumping up the second-place prize to match first place, no matter what the final results were. But, in this case, it would have made even more sense due to the fact that Fresno was so much smaller and more in need than Salt Lake City. The community effort was awesome, and nobody can take that away, but this whole debacle of a contest could have been salvaged rather easily, and it is amazing to me that it wasn’t.

P,000,000P says:

Better question, Oz: Does anyone know where, or why it was stated that Walmart was working with FB to reconcile votes… but then the totals ended up the same as at the end of the contest?

Apparently NO votes (or hardly any) were “reconciled!”

Stephen says:

F Walmart

airplanejayne says:

I agree with Dave above — it would have been a wise move by Walmart to pony-up an amount for 2nd place — but they didn’t.
But we still can make a difference locally. I hope that all of my fellow Facebookers put their money where their “likes” were — by donating directly to the link above.

The money will go directly to work — instead of getting muddled up in the bureaucracy that is the CityofFresno.

ok Im gonna say this even though I know I will get a bunch of slack over it……..

ok alot of people are acting like a bunch of kids who didnt get what they wanted for christmas, quit complaining about the contest and how it was run, etc, we got a 100k!!!
I gave 100 bucks to the poverello house on xmas eve, doesnt matter how much you give as long as you give, the community wins in the long run, now get out there and do something about it

james says:

Dave, I agree with you that Walmart could have looked all the better for throwing in a measly $900k (relatively speaking), but I don’t think the controversy is widespread – it was between two communities, and one of those gets $1M. I doubt they’ll lose $900k in sales here as a result.

Regarding size and need, if that was the focus, they could have narrowed the list down to six communities from the start.

I’m just glad this is behind all of us!

Mike Oz says:

I wish we knew. But we’ll probably never know. They wouldn’t even give us a straightforward answer on rules.

You are probably right, it’s good for Walmart that there weren’t more communities near the top of the voting and that subsequently the ridiculous execution of the contest didn’t garner more widespread attention. And you are surely right that it won’t cost them $900K locally, but I am just looking at it purely from a PR perspective, and they could have made a killing on good PR for that extra money. For a corporation of that size, I would just think that it was worth the money not to risk the backlash since they obviously did a poor job of executing the “contest.”
Oh, and I agree 1000% on being glad that it is over. Time to move on, for sure.

DLR says:

all the walmart haters who apparently expect companies they supposedly hate to solve their problems and give away money should look at the pitiful little thermometer on

After all this time and effort to try to get some free cash and feel good for pushing a few buttons, look how few are apparently willing to give a few dollars of “their own” money!

Mike Oz says:

For what it’s worth, I heard yesterday’s drive (separate from the linked in this post) totaled $11K in cash and more than 10,000 pounds of food.

Joy. G. says:

Walmart was generous even to have such a contest. I havent seen Vons, SaveMart, Kmart,, etc attempting to have any drive to give back to the community unless it has their huge name on it (SaveMart Center). Perhaps if ridiculous Clovis City Council would allow Walmart to build here, the city could earn more than 1 million in taxes from sales tax!

Claire L says:

I could get all riled up….

but you know…. Fresno rallied together to do something good. People fought a worthy fight and went even beyond the clicking…

I’m so proud of everyone involved. We did good… our second place came with a lot of team work and love. YEY US!

Kristin C says:

$200,000 coming into the Valley – north and south – that can only be a good thing, right? I’m excited that we are getting ANY money, and that we’re thinking about this more as a community. I hope that we can keep the momentum going and continue to get coverage, in the media, about the good things in Fresno and not just the bad.

Um says:

Look into Save Mart’s “Shares” cards.
They give back.