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Fres-Know: We’re OK, thanks for asking


NEWS: Rash of beehive thefts in Madera County; Fresno Beehive unaffected. [ABC 30]

NEWS: KMJ “vigil” has commenters going nuts [The Bee]

GOOD READ: Thoughtful analysis of AZ shooting blame game [This is Conlan]

GET A JOB: Hella people line up hoping to work at Forever 21. [The Bee]

GET A JOB II: New concert venue Fulton 55 is hiring bartenders and servers. [Fulton 55]

KNOW THIS: Fresno gets another Groupon imitator. *yawn* … errr, Yay! [Draw Crowds]

SURVEY SAYS: Fresno makes list of top regional airports [USA Today]

BLOGGINGS: Fresno Grizzlies applauded as a leader in Twitter usage []

RELATED: The Griz have a special ticket offer for their Twitter followers. [Fresno Grizzlies]

GOOD READ: “No one goes to the Fulton Mall.” Don’t be so sure. [TheAnthroGuys]

LISTEN TO THIS: New episode of artsy local podcast, I Don’t Get It [IDGI]

NEW LOOK: Fresno lovin’ blog gets a new look … and sister site. [I Heart Fresno]

CONTRIBUTE: The Fresno State Cookbook is looking for recipes. [Bulldog Connection]

HOW DID WE MISS THIS? Rap video for Whole Foods Fresno’s anniversary [YouTube]

[photo: Farmville Freak]

Responses to "Fres-Know: We’re OK, thanks for asking"

wow the story about the fulton mall was really cool, very in depth

I didnt know that many people use the fulton mall still

Yes says:

Fresno’s airport is great! It’s so uncluttered by passengers and airlines.