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How long before you try Buffalo Wild Wings?


So Buffalo Wild WIngs opened its doors on Monday. If you’re just learning this now, sorry, you weren’t one of the first 100 people who will be getting free wings for a year.

But Fresno did get another wing spot, one that I hope will be better than Wing Stop (meh). BWW’s opening also makes the Shaw/Chestnut intersection, which it shares with across-the-street neighbor Doghouse Grill one of the most hellacious for parking — especially while we all go wild during BWW’s honeymoon phase.

This got me thinking about how much we Fresno folks love new chain restaurants, which is just a tad bit more than the we Fresno folks love to put down those chain-worshippers. It’s a pretty amusing co-dependent relationship.

So here’s the question: How long until you try out Buffalo Wild Wings? I know people on various sides of this — the people who have to try new places ASAP and will wait for hours to do so, the people who wait a month or so for the crowds to die down and the people who wear their disinterest like a badge of honor. Vote below:

Responses to "How long before you try Buffalo Wild Wings?"

Heather M says:

BWW is within walking distance of my parents’ house, so if we want to go there we won’t mess with the parking. That being said, I’m wondering who thought it was a good idea to put another new restaurant at that intersection–especially one with a driveway right at the entrance to southbound 168. I forsee lots of accidents.

Angel says:

Im going friday night. So nobody else go friday night. I dont want to deal with any lines.
I called dibs first

DLR says:

Yes, it is funny how there’s hundreds upon hundreds of places to eat in Fresno but people will line up for months for the latest thing every other city already has. I get really mad if I’m ever stuck at Olive Garden for some reason, waiting all day like there’s nowhere else to eat.

That said, the location of this place ensures it will do well, and there really isn’t a good wings place in Fresno since University Chicken closed. And that place never really caught on although it was delicious.

I’m sure i’ll get there eventually if I’m in the area, nothing else is going on making lines and parking a nightmare, and I don’t have any better ideas. So it could be a while! I’m sure it will be tasty though.

I will call them foos at munchies on wheels to get me some delivered to the crib that way Im supporting a local business and a new chain restaurant at the same time

late at nite too when I gotz the munchies if you know what I mean

Kate J says:

Yuck. I voted no, not because I hate following, but purely because wings are nasty. We already have a wing place in Fresno… Hooters. Which, I imagine, is a better deal on multiple levels. Plus, Hooters celebrates breasts and thighs.

Anne says:

I looked at the menus online. There is not a single item that I would order. Add the usual sports bar noise, and I would hate that place. Nobody in my family will ever go there. Chain restaurants and their greasy food are just not for us.

I happened to be driving by Sunday afternoon and saw the overnight campers out there waiting for the Monday open. I hope for them and their cold extremities, that the wings were good!

mdub420 says:

I wish somebody would just pick up that Jack N Da Crack up and move it far far far away from that spot. We need the parking. A jack n da box doesn’t need to be thurr nomo.

I’ll hit that spot up in May or June.

mdub420 says:

Gotta keep it real ya herd.

n76 says:

I ended up going during the soft/training opening over the weekend since I scored a invite. I’ve had them before in socal, the food is okay, nothing I would wait in huge lines for, its just chicken after all. I’ve always thought it was funny how people here line up for opening of chain resturants, that would garner a passing nod else where.
The parking was terrible what with Jack in the Box, and Dog House next door. Parking was already over flowing from Dog House before it opened. We ended up parking across at the college and walking over. I’m wondering how it will be during Savemart events, games and school in session.

Jeffrey Whitaker says:

Mike, I’m glad u share the same parking concerns as I do. Last BWW post u had up here I questioned the parking and fellow Beehiver JJJ chastised me that parking will NOT be a problem there…what??! Anyways, Fresno has too much competition from other cities in Cali such as SD, LA, SF, Sac etc. We seem to base our city pride on what chains we have here. “O yeah we have Cheescake Fact here n Fresno”! Idiots. I believe that Fresno always had a co depepndent inferiority complex with other larger cities in this State. So when a national chain restaraunt comes to town we get all excited. We will wait in line for BWW and hardly anyone knows what Mangosteen is. But yea, I will eventually check it out probably within 2 months just for curiosity. Fresno is a t shirt jeans, sports bar type of town. And the restaraunt people know this, but in my opinion not ready for a D and B. Peace!!

Michael says:

I’ll probably wait till March Madness is over before I go.

Clovis says:

Why’d you have to bring up D&B…?! I’d love a D&B around here!

Sarah says:

We went tonight at 9pm and it was only a 10 minute wait at most, so if you don’t mind eating a little later, the wait is not bad! I’ve been to other BWW and I LOVE their sauces, but this BWW needs a few more weeks to get their kinks worked out. The music was way too loud for a restaurant, and we didn’t get the typical celery that usually comes with wings. Other than that, our server (Dean) was awesome! Service was quick for being the first few nights open and so busy and the food was as amazing as any other BWW. So really, only 2 complaints for a 3rd night restaurant? Not bad at all!

gina says:

Man… checked out Swiggs and they have AWSOME wings, that were BIG. Was told all their sauces are made in house. They have a friggin swiggin hot sauce that’s scary hot. The best one we had was called flamingo sauce and it was a spicy garlic parmesan. They are not a chain and we had the owner Mike come talk to us and he was super cool.
I know everyone has a story of that building, but they created something special there. Was floored as soon as I walked through the doors. So much more to do than just sitting around, probably the closest we have to a D&B. Bar games like pool, darts, video games, shuffleboard (22′), cornhole, buzztime, beerpong, was even told that you can bounce quarters on their tables. Was also shocked to see how many beer taps they had with a great selection, downtown brown was delish and I think velvet merlin is now my new favorite.
Was told they are hosting a beer pawg tournament with A.C.T. (animal compassion team) for charity.
Hope they do good, would love to see a non-chain stick around, and a non-club succeed in that building.
Go little guys!

Jenne says:

No one knows about Mangosteen or any of the other great local places because the Fresno Bee cares more about “organic”, “slow food”, and “sustainable harvest” issues than actually reviewing the food at the restaurants… yeah, Farmer’s Markets are great when you wanna cook for yourself…but when you wanna go out, how do you know where’s good except by word of mouth… hey Fresno Bee, we need a REAL restaurant reviewer here.. not someone else to extoll the virtues of the white peach…

RL says:

Tried BWW in Athens Ohio in November. Not a bad wrap. The friend I met there was in shock that we didn’t have a BWW and I told him I’d never even heard of the chain. It should be a really nice addition to the college scene and Save Mart center crowds. The only humorous part of this is when we are accused of having nothing to do in Fresno, 100 people standing in line like this will be used as the example.

And to the original point, I believe there was a bit of a coming of age for Fresno when Flemings opened and then was followed by Ruth’s Chris. It’s that sign that others outside of your market are paying attention to your market, and that is often a good thing for Fresno.

And this isn’t just true to restaurants. Anyone want an Ikea? Crate & Barrell? I just hope we don’t get a Bass Pro, that would suck.

anonymous says:

siwggs already has created an atmosphere to cater to college students and their main focus is college students, and I havent seen any advertisements locally about them to get the word out (facebook and online social sites are not enough to advertise, albeit it is free advertising but not enough)

I went there and it is quite pricy and the menu is an odd selection and small for a sports bar, im not looking for gourmet food and tortilla lettuce wraps at a sports bar, and beer is difficult to get there, everyone acts busy even though the place is empty, I have been there twice and dont plan on going again

focus on all types of customers to get them in the door not just college students and you might do well

mdub420 says:

Why didn’t you write a review in your comment?

Mike Oz says:

I dunno that people can, with validity, point at this as a “nothing to do in Fresno” moment. BWW does this in every city it opens a restaurant in, and people always come out.

I agree that Ikea and Crate & Barrell would be great additions.

RL says:

There is no validity to the idea. Outside looking in though, if you’re a “hater” 100 people camping for wings would be the thought process and that amuses me personally. Didn’t know they did this for every store. Very smart marketing move.

The fun part of living in Fresno is that we are now to the point where there is now more to do than any 1 night will allow. We aren’t NY or SF for entertainment options, but there’s a lot of fun to be had and for all walks of life (in my world its Disney on Ice & Yo Gabba Gabba).

JJJ says:

Jeffrey Whitaker, if you consider not being able to find a spot 30 feet from the door in 10 seconds or less a problem….than yes, parking is problematic.

Just look at the satellite image.,-95.677068&sspn=33.626896,69.873047&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Clovis,+California+93611&ll=36.807665,-119.736149&spn=0.002074,0.004265&t=k&z=18

There is more parking in that intersection than there is built up space. Acres of empty parking. And there’s free street parking as well, on chestnut AND on shaw.

I do agree with Heather M that having the curb cut be on shaw so close to the 168 entrance is terrible planning. Should be on Chestnut. That goes for jack in the box as well. In fact, closing those problematic entrance points would also provide for additional parking spaces, and would make the pedestrian experience better (already terrible due to the highway ramps).

Anne says:

I have NO problem finding things to do in Fresno.
Music? Phil, jazz, blues: we have all of that.
Dancing? Dianna’s, Studio 65, salsa in several places, Ballroom Live, and much more.
Theatre? The colleges, Second Space, Roger Rocka’s, and a number of small theatre companies.
Movie theatres? Yes, plenty.
And Fulton 55!! I wish them success!

Non-chain restaurants are the ONLY ones I patronize. There are LOTS of them. And we have the IBC and Cafe Corazon, too. Charlotte’s Bakery, the Boulangerie… I can’t list all of the good food and drink places we have available here.

I can find several good things to do in Fresno EVERY night of the month. I don’t know what people are whining about. Get out and have some fun…!

I won’t be eating any chicken wings, though. ;-)

Jordan says:

I went the first day it opened. I liked it. Service couldn’t have been bad when they had like 100 people on the clock. Of course I love the Wings. But, I really like all the flat screens and interactive games like the Poker and Trivia. A ton of Beers on tap for the drinkers. DogHouse Grill Beware.

Lea says:

I’ve been to BWWs in four other cities, so I can wait for the “Fresno Restaurant Rush” phenomenon to die down.

mdub420 says:

Finally went to check this place out last night. I’m stereotyping, so if you can’t handle this sort of this of thing, i suggest you click another link, haha.

The place was filled with low life trash. From the servers to the patrons. I must be low life trash since I set foot in that place too. The server we had, had piercings in her nose, and lip. Another server had his arms covered in tats. One server was 300 pounds overweight and was looking at her cell phone while working.

I didn’t get to see the bar area, but I saw half naked women walking in and out of that bar area. I guess that was okay with me, but they were trash, they wouldn’t want a boring guy like me anyways, lol. Ed Hardy mid 40 latinos acting hard.

Maybe my experience was doomed the moment i opened the door for my family, and I heard a loud cheer for the Giants hitting a HR. That must of been it. the place was full of trash Giant fans. I’ll blame them. I’ll go back when the Giants aren’t playing at night.