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Win tickets to Fulton 55′s grand opening with Patrick Contreras


UPDATE: Congrats to our winner, Kathryn Stiers. Check your e-mail, Kathryn! Thanks for playing everyone. Hope you enjoy your weekend.

ORIGINAL POST: I’ve told you all about Fulton 55. I gave you a sneak peek inside Fresno’s newest concert venue. Now I’m giving you a chance to win tickets to Friday’s grand opening concert featuring popular local violinist Patrick Contreras.

Just leave a comment below telling us why you’re looking forward to either Fulton 55 or Patrick Contreras and you’re entered. Deadline to enter is 9 a.m. Friday. Our winner will be chosen at random and notified via e-mail, so leave a real address. No multiple comments. You are ineligible if you’ve won something in the past 30 days. Full rules below.

If you don’t win and want to buy tickets, you can get them at, Iron Bird Cafe, The Laundry Room or at the door … as long as it doesn’t sell out in advance. Check this new tune from Contreras too:

Only readers who submit a comment on this post are eligible. To be eligible, a commenter must not have won a prize on in the previous 30 days. Recipients will be notified by e-mail at the end of each giveaway period. No substitutions or transfer of winners/prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. Some prizes may have due dates for redemption/use. Employees and immediate family of The Fresno Bee, and any/all of the participating giveaway sponsors, are not eligible to win. By accepting a giveaway, recipient consents to allow the use of his/her name and/or photograph for advertising or similar promotions without further compensation. Winner releases all sponsors of liability regarding use and enjoyment of the prizes. Tax liabilities and insurance, if any, are sole responsibility of the winner. No purchase necessary to win.

Responses to "Win tickets to Fulton 55′s grand opening with Patrick Contreras"

Ben Sondheim says:

Fulton 55 is the best thing to happen in Fresno’s music scene since the Wild Blue Yonder! Audies – Great! Starline – Great! But Fulton 55 with its expanded space and capacity gives Fresno more opportunities to obtain the up and comers and established names. Think SoHo in Santa Barbara. Tony Martin is a great guy who has the vision and the connections. It’s a can’t miss. I speak not only as a long time Fresno music fan and resident, but also a sometimes performer when I say, best wishes to Fulton 55 and let’s all get there and support Tony and this cool new venue.

Johanna says:

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night then listening to Patrick Contreras and Omar Nare!

matthew reade o'donnell says:

I can’t wait for this venue! Patrick Contreras is the perfect person to open this. He has done so much for the community and the music scene locally.

Ivory Gretts says:

This is exciting to me because now we have a place to go on dates that isn’t a movie theater! The air smells sweeter. =)

JamesMichael says:

Fulton 55 looks awesome , Im there this weekend for sure.

christina f says:

I would love to attend this concert because not only is it in a new venue, but also because Patrick is so sexy with his violin ;)

Jennifer says:

I’m excited that downtown Fresno is going to have a music venue. We need it!

Wienzer says:

Fulton 55 to me is the epitome of what we need more of in downtown Fresno. I don’t mean a nightclub or music space, but a developer willing to take risks and fight for what they know will be a success and good for the area’s redevelopment.

brodiemash says:

Mid-size venue. ‘Nuff said!

@dollgina says:

Excited about the new venue and I’ve never seen Patrick Contreras perform!

Michael says:

I’m looking forward to this because I can walk to it after work.

Joel F says:

As a born and raised Fresnan who has brain “un” drained back to the valley, its great to see a space open that rivals hip spaces in LA or SF – its what Fresno and specifically the downtown area need to rebrand itself as a place to be and not just drive through on their way to someplace better ;-)

Roxana Gonzalez says:

Love the fact that downtown is getting on on it’s feet and our local talent is the BEST!!!! love love love Patrick :)

TK says:

Hey Mr. Oz if your giving away tickets to see our Superstar Local Boy take the stage tomorrow night, that would be great to go see him live again on stage for FREE. I would love to be on any guest list plus 1 that you may have going or the chance to receive tickets also. Just let me know who wins.

TK -

Helen Garcia says:

Patrick is awesome! He is really important to the local music community and this venue is fortunate to have him at their Grand Opening! We look forward to seeing Keeney open with him! See you there!

LDRam says:

Saw Patrick perform at the Pink Show. He and I have much in common…father hispanic…mother irish! How many of us are out here? He is a fantastic musician…any venue that he is in is a great venue!

c.m.morris624 says:

I think it would be fun to see Patrick Contreras because I’ve never seen him play before but I’ve heard A LOT of great things about him. I’m also excited about the new venue. Go Fresno!

Ash says:

I can’t wait for Fulton 55 to open because it is just what Fresno needs. A venue that is a good size, with huge promise to provide this town with entertainment that isn’t typical and full of a bunch of sell outs. The location will bring so much to the area, I can’t wait for Fresno to be seen for what it can be and Fulton 55 is the step in the right direction we need!

Debi says:

Already bought my tickets for Saturday night but held off on Friday because I want to win them from you!!! Good luck everyone, see you there!

Ken P says:

The opening of the fulton 55 could very well be the start of something greatly needed here in the valley. The fulton mall has so much potential to be a great source of cultural and entertaining events. With the FuSE Festival, The Crest Theater, The WarnorS, Rainbow Ballroom, and the bars and cafes all within a close distance. there is loads of opertunitiy for great nightlife. I think its safe to say that anyone who is looking to find some good fun will be going down to the fulton malls new Fulton 55.



Mike Oz says:

For what it’s worth: It’s NOT on the Fulton Mall. It’s at Fulton and Divisadero, near Iron Bird Cafe.

ZDO says:

Much needed downtown venue, featuring local talent is a double-dose of goodness.

Andrew Gray says:

Looking forward to this new Venue! It’ll be a sweet place to check out the local scene or to even book some shows. Nice to see the downtown area coming alive!

Patricia Bebb says:

I think I should be chosen as I am a neighbor to the new venue and would like to welcome Tony and his crew, Patrick and his band to the neighborhood. I live at Silvercrest and think this new business will help our neighborhood. Having worked at the Oly back in the day, 20 yrs or so ago, I appreciate all styles of music. Still think we have to worry about the parking but think this will be a great asset to all of us in the area.

Nick Chandler says:

Finally a new music venue promising to bring promising acts to downtown Fresno…I feel something weird inside right now…something warm and gooy…something for downtown Fresno…I think it’s hope!

Talullah says:

If I won tickets to the opening of Fulton 55, I would give them to my brother who is really into the Fresno music scene. He’s a musician and I can only hope that his new band will someday be featured at this venue.

steve says:

I’d like to experience what all the talk is about.

Claire L says:

I’d love to win. I can’t remember the last time the hubs and I got out of the house to an event that wasn’t kid or work related.
Besides, I have cute new boots to wear too!

Candice says:

Ohhh snap! I guess technically I still can’t win for another week, huh? BOOYAH!!!

Elizabeth Morales says:

I’m very excited to know that finally we are going to have a place in Fresno where people like me, that appreciate good and worldwide music can go without having to travel to a big city such as San Francisco or LAX…Patrick Contreras is awesome musician, he’s putting Fresno’s name up high…I just came back from Israel and I was impressed when a person from the Middle East knew about him…I’m proud to be from Fresno!!!!

Austin says:

Somebody suggested I go, and I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if the beehive has anything to say about it.” And lo, they do.
I keep hearing how great Patrick Contreras is, and I’ve yet to see for myself.

Christy says:

I would love to go! I’m both a fan of Patrick Contreras (last saw him perform on New Year’s Eve @ Babylon)…and excited/curious to see if the new Fulton 55 venue lives up to the hype! ;)

Cherry3.142 says:

Im excited that there is yet another new place for me to explore in Fresno. I’ve only just scratched the surface only being in this city, heck, this country since September ’09. I’d love to see my first concert/gig somewhere that has so much community support backing it and get a real taste for the people and culture of Fresno.

PreciousJabber says:

I’ve seen Patrick Contreras & he’s wonderful and very talented. Certainly keeps your attention.

Anna Rivera says:

I love watching Patrick perform and won’t miss a chance to see him. I know it will be a great show, cant wait until tonight

Anna Rivera says:

I love watching Patrick perform and never miss an opportunity to see him. Cant wait to see him tonight.

Lupe Lopez says:

Fulton 55 and Patick make for an awesome Friday Night!