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So how’s that ‘American Idol’ thing working out for ya, Lee DeWyze?


“American Idol” diehards probably already heard about this — heck, they’ve probably been in line for a few hours — but Lee DeWyze, the reigning “American Idol,” is playing a free concert in town tonight.

It’s part of Y101′s Unplugged concert series and it’s happening at 6 p.m. at Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis. It’s a good get for both of them, but for Lee DeWyze? Doesn’t winning “American Idol” elevate one past the free-shows-at-the-mall stage in one’s career?

Admittedly, I’m an “American Idol’ hater — BIG TIME! — but with all the talk about “American Idol’s” decline, I have to see this as an indication that winning “American Idol” is not what it once was. Local cover bands play free concerts at the mall too, ya know. Actually, that sounds about right. I’ve always said “American Idol” is just a glorified karaoke contest.

ON A SEMI-RELATED NOTE: New Rock 104.1 has announced the first show in its own “Unplugged” concert series. It’s with rock band Paper Tongues, who is playing at Howie & Son’s in Visalia on Wednesday. It’s a free show with doors opening at 6 p.m. and music starting at 7 p.m.

Responses to "So how’s that ‘American Idol’ thing working out for ya, Lee DeWyze?"

JJJ says:

This really is an embarrassing post.

Stephen says:

Man, even Feather DeWyze don’t perform for free!

As the adult child of an alcoholic, I’m known for showing undeserved loyalty (hey, I still use AOL for my mail), but AI has lost me…

JML says:

Somebody with a Wikipedia account should incorporate this blog post as a reference on Lee’s Wikipedia entry.

Just Sayin says:

At Least he is touring and playing music..Something he must love to do..What are you doing but being a bitter Ass who sits all day doing Jack Sh!t..

So Mr.Mike Keep Hating while he lives his dream..American Idol or Not.

And F your Indy Music..It sucks. Just Sayin

Just Sayin Even More says:

Yeah! F your Indy Music…It sucks! Tiffany started out at the Mall and She rocks. So suck on That Mr.Mikey McBitter Ass. Just Sayin! Just Sayin!

pk says:

Not an Idol fan….but…happy it is there as another avenue to bring artists out of obscurity..

Will they all be successful? No
Will they all be our taste? No

But, with the energy that Steven Tyler and J. Lo are bringing to the show, I have to say I watched and was *somewhat* entertained….

the clunky 4 member panel never worked, and it now seems like a better show.

…many stars have made Mall appearances…
Sierra Vista may not be the Grove, but it is what we have, and I am glad for the appearance here

P S says:

At least I’ve heard of Lee DeWyze. You’ll always be a nobody. Stupid hater.

chase sanborn says:

Interesting you tossed out that identifier, Stephen. I know there is some sociology/psychology behind it…..but, well I’m an adult child of a CPA.

LKL says:

Lee you have many fans that love your music and we listen to your music every day and have bought all three of your albums! We will be listening for years to come. And we will travel to wherever you are playing. Can’t wait for the videos!!!!!!

melitha35 says:

Artists do free shows for radio stations all of the time. It’s basically a way for the station to do something good for their listeners, and in return the artist gets valuable promotion. Maybe a little research is in order to learn how these things work, but considering that you think a show that’s averaged over 20 million viewers over its first three episodes this year is on a decline, I doubt that you would understand the concept of legal payola.

Mike Oz says:

No, I’m well aware of how music stars are manufactured. I am surprised to learn though that you see past the smoke and mirrors and still troll the Internet defending the machine.

Annie says:

The Idols always do the UnPlugged Shows, not just Lee DeWyze. It is part of the Radio Promo tours they all do to promote their CD after it is released. Even the Idols who have gone on to be very big names in the industry did these same tours, where have you been? This post is just trying to crate some spin and it’s dumb. Doing the Y101 Umplugged Show indicates zip except that it is what they do on the Radio Tours…So?

Annie says:

I agree, Mr. Oz must not know that every past Idol winner has done these same shows? He needs to research before he writes his articles. I am sure Carrie Underwood would think it funny if he would have written her off while on her Radio Promo tour? Silly Mr. Oz.

Michael says:

Simon Cowell left AI. That should say something in itself.

LKL says:

Just thought that I would come back and mention that what bothers me the most about unkind postings about Lee Dewyze or any other artist is that it is just that- unkind and rude for the sake of sounding cool or I am not exactly sure what. As a writer about music I would think that a little more research and kindness towards those trying to make it as a musician would be warranted. And in Lee’s case you would find out that he is not a manufactured musician- but someone who has always written his own music and just loves performing. Take a listen to his pre-idol music and his new CD as well.

Travis says:


Well, maybe I’m not first, but did I at least comment in time to win free tickets?

james says:

OMG! My Google Alert for “Lee DeWyze” just notified me of this post, and I thought I’d come tell Mr. Oz that I think he should do some research before writing his articles. I can’t believe you would post an article a blog that is anything less than positive about the person I voted for 318 times last season.

Shame on you, Mr. Oz.

Mike Oz says:

Actually, when Carrie Underwood won, her first appearance in Fresno was a sold-out show at Saroyan Theatre, in front of more than 2,000 people. Kelly Clarkson played our arena after winning “Idol.” But let’s not even compare to the “Idol” stars. How about this? David Cook played a sold-out casino show after winning “Idol.”

So a decline in the impact of being an “American Idol?” Methinks yes.

mdub420 says:

Fantasia’s on crack.

Rowena says:

They don’t just always play concerts for free. Musicians need all the PR they can get with album sales declining all of the time.

Casey James, who finished third on the same season as Lee, will be opening for Sugarland soon, definitely a step up from doing bar gigs for ten years long.

Lee will also properly start touring one of these days.

Sour Grapes says:

Is this your picture? No wonder you trash Lee. You’re a real fug. OMG I am dying laughing at the thought of someone who looks like you putting down anyone else, Lee or whoever. Try Weight Watchers or the local gym.

Mike Oz says:

Wow. What a great argument you’ve made. I’ve changed my mind. Lee rules.

Heather says:

Well done. I’m sure this is exactly how your boy Lee would want you to defend his talent.

Sara says:

ahahaha!! The thing about Opinions is that everyone is entitled to one, so with that being said i think all you ‘wyze’ fans need to chill the eff out. Yes mike was harsh, but you are only making comments on ONE article written when I’m sure there are plenty more out there that are way more viscous. Mike thank you for keeping it one hunnid! i will remain a beehive reader as long as you continue to give your HONEST opinion.

NerdMom says:

Dude, people can not like AI as a show or a machine (which it is designed to be, a star machine). Get off Mike’s back.

Separately, not an AI fan. When I heard about this concert I thought he was kicked off in like the second round. Had no idea he won.

Conlan says:

This isn’t just ad hominem, it’s like second grade ad hominem. When I read it, I thought that Mike must have at least alluded to the Idol guy’s appearance. After re-reading the post I realized that, not only isn’t anything said about his appearance, but nothing explicitly critical is said about the guy at all.

Mike is clearly speaking to the larger issue of the decline of American Idol’s cultural cache: “I have to see this as an indication that winning ‘American Idol’ is not what it once was.” Which is a point that I think is undeniable. As someone who has never watched American Idol and doesn’t listen to that kind of pop music, I am much more familiar with the earlier winners than the more recent ones (I had no idea who this Wyze kid was before reading this, and that fact has nothing to do with whether I’m a “hater” or not.)

While Mike may have a low opinion of the talent coming out of American Idol, that’s neither here nor there for this purpose of this blog post. All the AI-boosters here have missed the point. Which is a shame, because I think there’s a valuable cultural discussion to be had about it. But I suppose there’s no use hoping for that discussion in a blog comment thread.

ed says:

stop being so logical conlan. and, you’re cute.

amy st. john says:

I love Lee Dewzye he is very talented and a great song writer!!!!good for him to give a freee concert everything cannot be about money!!!!