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What did you think of Fulton 55?

It was a successful first weekend for Fulton 55 in terms of attendance. The new downtown concert venue reports almost 1,000 people were through the doors for its first two shows — Patrick Contreras on Friday and Let’s Go Bowling/King Sugar on Saturday. And that’s with the no-alcohol thing.

But was the opening successful in public opinion? I was out there on Friday night, asked some people and recorded them while they answered. Check out the video, then tell us what you thought of the new venue in the comments.


Responses to "What did you think of Fulton 55?"

Sammy Hagar says:

It’s going to do many times better than the failed cabo wabo. It has a great location to be a mix of north downtown and south tower the best happening areas of Fresno were the arts strive the best in town. If all goes well 55 will be their for years.

Sammy Hagar says I can drive 55 at Fulton 55

matthew reade o'donnell says:

Awesome venue. Awesome show. Needs booze and more parking. We got there early so we parked close. Some friends were no so fortunate. This place will do well, I’m sure. They would have made a mint if the liquor liscence was in order…

JJJ says:

I really like the time-lap video because it shows how busy the area is, even when many call it “dead”.

I also like the new lane configuration that visible in the video. The road had a diet last summer, and went from 2 lanes each way, to 1 each way + center turning lane + 2 bike lanes. It makes the area feel more urban and friendly and less like a highway (like most of Fresno streets). I’m sure those who had to park a few blocks away appreciated being able to cross the street safely.

Stephen says:

I like the time-lapse, especially when you quickly see the two little red lights from Jeff’s Pedicab stopping to drop folks off.

Pedicab….it’s the only way to ride to Fulton fitty five!

mdub420 says:

Who’s that fine sexy looking Latina?

Debi says:

We were there Saturday night to check it out. We got there early enough to park close by. The place looks great. Was glad to see so many weren’t turned off by the ‘no alcohol’ issue. Good music doesn’t need alcohol, imho.

King Sugar was fun, haven’t seen them before. Lots of energy and a good set. Probably will be back on Saturday to check them out at the Ska Parade. I was a little disappointed in LGB, wasn’t their best show, but at least they all showed up, eh?

Overall we had a good time and liked the club. Looking forward to more great shows!!

Lisa Maria Boyles says:

I was there with friends for the King Sugar/Let’s Go Bowling show. We agree about the parking — wasn’t a problem for us as we got there early and had dinner at Iron Bird — but it will be problematic if you get there later. Only complaint, really, about Fulton 55 itself was a coat check might have been nice. Other than that, great venue! Love that there’s a bar and restrooms on both floors.

daniel says:

My only complaint, no bike parking.

Danielle says:

Thanks for the kind words Debi! Hope to see you on Saturday at Ska Parade! Cheers!
& King Sugar

Mario says:

I see Fulton 55 being the venue local artists and artists will want to play since it’s the perfect size. With more acts being booked hopefully it’ll diverse in it’s music. Metal, rock, etc. I can see Audies, Starline, and Babylon fiercely competing with Fulton 55 for quality bands and acts.