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The making of a mural in West Fresno

A recent addition to our burgeoning mural community is the “Let’s Make Fresno A Better Place” mural at the Louie Kee Market in West Fresno.

This one didn’t come up with a lot of controversy, nor is it in the confines of our downtown “Mural District” (or whatever you want to call it).

Another key difference: It was created by students. The whole process was captured in this short documentary put together by The kNOw Youth Media, a media program for teens in West Fresno.

Here’s a little more about the mural project:

Over the span of five months, young people in Fresno came together to design, sketch and paint a massive mural for Louie Kee Market (1041 Tulare St in West Fresno), a family-owned business with more than 87 years of history and service to the residents of West Fresno. Under the creative guidance of muralist and artist Josue Rojas, the youth designed a mural depicting the pride of the local community and its young people.

The Know Youth Media, The Muralistics, Youth for Christ and the Youth Engagement Team of Building Healthy Communities are just a few of the youth groups along with many community members that worked together to create the new mural.

The mural is part of a long-term project to promote healthy and positive youth participation in the community, and is made possible by a grant from Building Healthy Communities, an initiative of the California Endowment.

Speaking of student-made murals: The Downtown Community Arts Collective has announced its starting a mural series as part of the development of its downtown neighbor — Warehouse Row.

Work started two weekends ago, and will continue on Saturdays through April. More info on the press release below:

Downtown Community Arts Collective in collaboration with EAH Housing Community and local business owner, Will Dyck, kick off large scale Mural Project: The Elements of Art, in historic downtown Fresno.

Fresno, Calif - The Downtown Community Arts Collective (dcac) is proud to announce the beginning of their work on The Elements of Art; a mural series of abstract paintings depicting the four classical elements of earth, wind, fire and water in historic, downtown Fresno.

Commissioned by Will Dyck, dcac is working with a group of young artists from EAH Housing Community to create this one of a kind mural as part of their Youth Arts Studio Program. The mural consists of four panels approximately 6 x 8 feet.

Dyck approached Stephanie Pearl, Executive Director of dcac, to produce an art piece on the United Grocers Building, originally built in 1931, which now houses the Small Business Administration.

“As a fan of the dcac artists, I felt their concepts would be appropriate for what I had in mind for this mural,” said Dyck, owner of Warehouse Row which consists of three historic buildings listed on the National Historic Register that are being developed into offices, retail and restaurants. “As a part of the Fresno Green Environmental Certification program, we felt this building would benefit from a mural whose theme conveys the need for green awareness.”

Working collaboratively with young artists from dcac and EAH, the artists wanted to work side by side with the youth in an effort to foster a safe environment for creative expression, collaborative learning and mentoring.

“Rather than teach, we focus on collaboration and mentoring,” Pearl said. “This gives the youth a sense of ownership with the mural which in turn gives a sense of pride and integrity.”

The work on the mural begins Saturday, January 21, 2011 at 9am at 801 R Street in downtown Fresno. Work will continue, every other Saturday until the beginning of April when a ceremony will mark the Grand Opening of the Warehouse Row including an unveiling of the mural.

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Michael Medrano says:


MsJoey says:

Thanks Mike! We’re so excited at dcac to be working on this project!

DMcKenzie says:

DCAC is also working with youth to support gang and juvenile delinquency prevention…

In support of the Fresno County Five Year Gang Prevention Strategic Plan, Downtown Community Arts Collective (dcac) is hosting a series of youth arts workshops for youth with gang involved families. The workshops are from 10 am to 12 pm on the following dates:
Feb. 2011: 5th & 19th
March 2011: 5th & 19th
April 2011: 2nd & 16th

They invite youth (pre-teens/teens/young adults) with an interest in all types of art, particularly ones who would like to be mentored by an established artist and eventually show their work in a gallery setting.

Workshops are offered at no cost.

Please contact:
Monica Joy Henry, Executive Assistant/Photographer
Downtown Community Arts Collective (dcac)
754 ‘P’ Street, Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 284-2276