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Our friend Fox finds Fresno — for real!


Duuuuuuuude. Whatever you’re doing the evening of Feb. 12, cancel it. We’ve all got plans now. Our friend Fox Elipsus (aka Fox Sanger, Fox Reedy, Fox Roeding, etc) is coming to Fresno. For real, guys.

He’s playing a free 7 p.m. show at Borders at River Park. I have to be there, because I really want to see the part where he says, “Hi. I’m Fox Elipsus, but you know me on Facebook as …” and then lists 647 different names. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Yes, yes, I jest about all this. I’m no fan of the Fraudulent Mr. Fox and his spammy Facebook ways, which I documented on The Beehive back in December. Since then, I haven’t gotten any new friend requests from his army of aliases, but my wife has. Judging from the comments on our original post, it’s pretty apparent that Fox is bugging people around the country too.

But that doesn’t stop him from playing the sympathy card to get people out to his show. From his Facebook invite:

Please click “invite people to come”, then select all your friends, then “send invitations” so you can share the exciting news about this free show in your area! Fox travels far, always by road, often sleeps in his car, and performs for free, so that the tour can keep going. So it means a lot to him when lots of locals come to see his free shows. Some cities and areas are amazingly supportive! Will Fresno be one of them? We will find out on the 12th! Come, and bring friends! :)

It got me thinking. We SHOULD go to his show. And we should print out the Facebook terms of service, highlight all the parts he’s violated, put them on signs and protest this dude’s spammy ways. We could make signs that say “Your Social Media Strategy Sucks,” “Friend Request Ignored” and “No, Fox, I won’t be your friend” signs. Who’s with me?

Responses to "Our friend Fox finds Fresno — for real!"

@dollgina says:

Nah, I don’t want to see him perform. But I will heckle his car as he sleeps in it!

traci says:

If after school specials have taught me anything, it’s that if we show up, it means he wins. Plus I bet he’ll ask for money. He looks like the kind of guy that asks for money. It’s in his eyes. How is he able to travel all over and sing for free AND have time to spam everyone?

But maybe we stumble through on our way to Ruth’s Chris cheap happy hour. That way he doesn’t win, and we get to go sit in a bar instead of Borders.

ArtThe1 says:

He’s also at the Border’s on Stockdale in Bakersfield the night before. So make those signs and give it to him twice.

Alex says:

I’d change the posters from “Confirm and Not Now” to “Confirm and Never.” The guy’s crazy (just throwing it out there).

Arkayz says:

Say what you want, apparently his strategy for gaining attendees seems to be working. I for one will be there even though he never asked to be my friend or even invited me, I feel so left out.

mdub420 says:

Guys a pimp

Michael says:

You know I still feel left out that he has never tried to friend request me. Must be the current profile pic.

How great would it be if someone were to print out a list of his many aliases and read it at as loudly as possible during the concert? Even better if you can get a group together to popcorn read.

I thought I was bad until I met fox _____. Well, I’m still kinda bad.

Kate says:

He never friend requested me either…

pk says:

Ruth’s Chris has a cheap Happy Hour? Do tell, I would be there!!

vika.99 says:

me neither LOL. I might “happen” by… MAYBE… I’d rather hold the signs, but I gotta admit, there’s curiosity…

Joyce says:

Sorry guys, hate to burst your bubble of negativity, but so what if his publicity methods are a bit unorthodox? The guy has no money! Have you taken some time to listen to his music? It’s truly incredible! I’ve seen him perform and his shows are a lot of fun. His songs are also full of positive messages – which we could use more of in this world!

No matter what you call him, this guy truly has talent! Seriously, if you don’t like him, just decline his friend requests and move on with your lives. But you can’t blame a struggling artist for trying!

pk says:

thanks!, THAT might get me to Riverpark!

JR says:

He’s legitimately a musician, he does live in his car, and he’s not really intruding on your life that much. I say, let it go… I mean, maybe he isn’t really from Fresno, but that just means he took the time to travel here to perform. The show is free, the friend requests may be annoying, but all – in – all he’s not hurting anyone.

Jomarie says:

Fox Elipsus does play for free and lives solely off of his CD sales. He is a struggling musician who uses his music talent to spread possitive messages about peace, love, harmony, and the environment…something you all apparently need to listen to! This guy’s talent is AMAZING and I for one am glad that I got to see his show for free before he is signed, because with talent like that, he will be! Those of you bashing Fox Elipsus could learn alot from him! Why don’t YOU find a better use of your time to help make the world a better place like he is, instead of sitting on your bums being just that, bums!