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Where are they now? KRZR edition


The death of KRZR last year got people so worked up here on The Beehive, that I figured it’s worth sharing a few developments for ex-KRZR staffers.

As we’ve already covered, Skippy is now handling mornings at New Rock 104.1. Now, another ex-KRZRer is back on the air locally.

Koyote — he of the popular “beer run” — has returned to Clear Channel for a country gig. He’s on The Wolf (which is what they’re calling 102.7 FM these days) weekdays 3-7 p.m.

Meanwhile, Doug Ray — half of KRZR’s Doug & The Rev morning show — has reunited with another ex-Fresno jock and gone the podcast route. From Rick Bentley’s Bee column:

Doug Ray and Bob Cady, who handled morning duties at KJFX (FM 95.7) in the early ’90s, are together again. Cady left Fresno in 1994 to attend film school. Ray left the following year but returned and was on KRZR (FM 103.7) as the morning team of Doug Ray and The Rev until last year. Doug and Bob are now doing a weekly podcast on New podcasts get posted on Thursdays.

Responses to "Where are they now? KRZR edition"

lori says:

why is it, there isn’t anything about where the Rev went?

Mike Oz says:

Nothing to report.

Yo says:

Hey Mike, how come Rick doesn’t post that column on the Beehive? Seems like perfect hive fodder.

Mike Oz says:

I told him I’d handle this one cuz it fit with all the KRZR stuff I’d written about so far.

Yo says:

Nah, I meant in general.
He never posts his stuff about the local TV/Radio stations, personalities, etc.
Just celebrity interviews.
Seems the local stuff is more germane to the hive.

Is there some kind of order against it?

Mike Oz says:

Nope. Just his call.

Danielle says:

Orly, KRZR’s beloved promo guy and the man who wrangled all of their “MySpace Hotties” moved to Arizona, but also has a regular feature on Skippy’s morning show called the Mexican Minute which is pretty funny!