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Super Bowl commercials: What was your favorite? What did you hate?

I didn’t really pay as much attention to Super Bowl commercials this year. I didn’t do a survey like last year. But I at least came away with a favorite of this year’s batch — the Doritos commercial where crumbs bring things back to life, even Grandpa.

According to USA Today’s AdMeter, though, it was another Doritos commercial (the one with the pug) that was America’s favorite, tying with Bud Light’s “Dog Sitter.” Agree? Personally, I didn’t think either one was that great.

If you missed the many Super Bowl ads, or just want to watch them again, head over to YouTube or Hulu. Local blog The Dumb Drum has also narrowed down just the movie ads, for you film geeks out there.

So what was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Any you absolutely hated? Anybody quit Groupon in a fit because of its commercials?

Responses to "Super Bowl commercials: What was your favorite? What did you hate?"

Zara says:

Mini-Darth Vader, for sure! But the one-minute version on the web is much better than the 30-second one that ran.

I liked that Doritos one and actually thought Eminem’s was cool. (The Detroit ad, not the iced tea one.)

I thought a lot of the ads were just dumb.

yeah, but how ’bout that halftime show?!

Maggies says:

I didn’t quit Groupon, but I was offended by the ad – it was culturally insensitive. Apparently, we can all head over to Groupon’s website and make purchases that benefit our favorite causes (like Tibet and the whaling industry). However, the ad was done in bad taste as it minimizes the genocide that has been going on for decades. Hey, it’s okay that people are dying needlessly – you just saved half on a 30 dollar meal! Hooray!

Yes it is good Groupon is helping fund such causes but whoever decided on that ad campaign should be fired, or at least asked to attend cultural sensitivity training. How do you think a Tibetan, who has been dislocated due to the genocide of his/her people, feel after seeing that ad?

Anyway, I thought the Darth Vader/VW ad was wonderful, as was the VW ad for the new Beetle (which follows a beetle running through it’s natural habitat) was very well done.

I also enjoyed the Snickers commercial with Richard Lewis & Roseanne Barr. Well done Snickers, well done.

Kathy Mahan says:

Like Zara, I loved the Darth Vader VW spot and the Detroit ad with Eminem. And, the Bridgestone gopher ad was cute, too.

Zara says:

Ha! Forgot about that one! That was pretty funny.

I thought Pepsi Max’s campaign was just bizarre.

RL says:

The Audi Kenny G commercial. They rebranded Mercedes into Buick.

I dug the music and the vibe of the Chrysler commercial but looking at the The car was gross and did not want to make me buy a car I didn’t like from a brand I don’t trust from a city that it’s an insult to be compared to.

Groupon’s stuck out because it was so bad Living Social’s was much better.

The Transformers 3 commercial was the only commercial that I went online about afterwards so in that respect it was probably the most effective. But I’m a Gen-Xer raised on the cartoon so that’s shooting monkeys i a barrel

Stephen says:

Was TOTALLY creeped out by the Doritos spot where the guy was sucking cheese dust off fingers and a guy’s pants-butt.

And that’s saying something for ME to be totally creeped out.

The Darth commercial wins, but quick, anyone, what was the product?? Exactly.

Michael says:

America contiunes to think surprise punches, kicks, and other kinds of knockdowns makes good comedy. There were so many of those moments, I knew they were coming. Has the kick to the groin, the geriatric tackle, and even House throwing his cane at a child gone cliche?

traci says:

House? Cliche? I can’t hear you lalalalala.
I liked the Doritos commercials; even the finger sucker one. But apparently my sense of taste is flawed; I’m the only human on the planet that liked the half-time show as well… me and my mom, anyway. Whatever.

And I loved the Darth Vader one. It was for a car, btw, but I couldn’t remember the brand (Volkswagen).