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FTW Moment of the Day

After Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime performance, it looks like the people of the world see the Black Eyed Peas for what they truly are — a bunch of no-talent cornballs with a gimmick that’s overdue to expire.

An poll asked the nation to grade the Peas’ performance. As you can imagine, I’m pleased with the results. For a nation that’s so often divided, it’s nice to see us come together for the important things. Like hating Fergie.

beppoll.PNGPREVIOUSLY: The Black Eyed Peas make me want to take my own life

Responses to "FTW Moment of the Day"

That halftime perfroamnce was absolutely horrible, Im surprised they didnt get more ‘F’s the half asian mexican whatever he is guy was as stiff as a robot, will i am looked like he hadnt taken a shower and fergie well was fergie, yuck

adam says:

As much as I hated that half-time show, you have to admit that is clearly going to have a bias. I’d bet there’s a higher percentage of the population, not biased by being sports fans that vote in ESPN polls, who think the Black Eyed Peas are the bee’s knees.

I’m more upset by whoever designed the sets and the show itself. A travesty that was punctuated by a Canadian-Olympic-torch-lighting-esque technical glitch. “LOVE” looked more like “Lol E” with that messed up V.

I think the whole show was designed by 7 year-olds with paper bags, Christmas lights, and odd shaped blocks.

RL says:

Lotta technical difficulties. But that seemed to be the entire Superbowl to the point that Jerry Jones has gone into hiding. Not a big BEP fan but it was nice that the NFL tried to appeal to a younger audience rather than dust off Bon Jovi or ask Gordon Lightfoot’s corpse to perform.

Arkayz says:

BEP were horrible, Christina Aguilera was horrible. I dunno who the bloke that sang the anthem in the NFC Championship was. But that “unknown” would have been 100x better choice than Aguilera, god I can’t stand her singing and inflections.

Fher1286 says:

Performance was absolutely horrendous. From beginning to end it was just one big mess. I understand that the NFL was getting criticized for bringing in boring acts, but they probably should have brought in a group that doesn’t rely so heavily on Autotune and that can actually sing songs instead of shout them. They could have easily played on the whole Texas thing and appealed to younger viewers by bringing in someone like Kenny Chesney or someone along those lines.

adam says:

Except they did utilize Slash which offered brief appeal to fans of the 80s and 90s, those that could hear what he was doing when the sound operators weren’t totally ruining what little performing was going on.

ihateBEP says:

Yeah.. I’m sick of all this hip hop and current “popular” crap such as Lady Gaga and all these other artists that have to use all these gimmicks! How about having some good, solid, modern hard rock bands for a change!

cartoosh says:

Yeah the bep sucks always have but the beehive is sooo much better with its witty banter! You guys are not brain dead establishment shills that’s undeniable.. You guys are always helping people in fresno learn about civic engagement, how to critically think, and you are never trying to get all your readers to follow the bulls— status quo. The world doesn’t have many problems so thanks for using this platform to live up to all the social responsibilities that come with being part of a faceless corporation.

BEP, yuck! What else can we spend time doing on this topic? I’m serious! Fergie, what was she wearing?? And didn’t someone skip a few lines of the star spangled banner??? Way more egregious than a corrupt cop skipping a few lines of the ill of rights.