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Cross Streets: Herndon & Blackstone

The Cross Streets guys are back with a new installment of their funny web series — this time exploring the ugly eyecare building, drive-thru Domino’s and hobo ninjas that you’ll find at the corner of Herndon and Blackstone. Warning: Language NSFW.

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Responses to "Cross Streets: Herndon & Blackstone"

thatfresnodude says:

“Hobo ninja sh*t” LMAO.

b2burns says:

Crass rather than witty. Charlie Sheen could have handled it better!

Heather says:

Nice work guys. Worth the wait.

Jeff says:

Having ridden my bicycle down Herndon, I believe that it is far scarier to stand next to the Hobo ninja’s shopping cart.

pk says:

Finally viewed this!
The best yet!
**Can’t believe the City lets a building on wheels
sit for this long….
**Can remember the last movies viewed at the Drive-in!!! I couldn’t remember the Drive-in! (until the pix)
**First drivers licenses! Ha Ha
and the best thing about this cross-streets
was the NSFW….very appros for Herndon and Blackstone! I always have something to curse about there!

Christy says:

Love these guys! Was so cool to meet them at Beehive’s Birthday Bash last night ;)