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First it was Cabo Wabo, then it was The Edge, now it’s … Rome Nightclub

New life is coming to the old Cabo Wabo that eventually became the one-night-only Edge nightclub. It’s called Rome and, according to this flier that started circulating on Facebook this morning, it opens next weekend. Here’s hoping it can be avoid being a complete disaster like that space’s two previous incarnations.


I’ll try to get more info on what’s planned for Rome Nightclub soon.

Responses to "First it was Cabo Wabo, then it was The Edge, now it’s … Rome Nightclub"

Robdog says:

I have a better name for it. “Cursed”….since the location has been “cursed.”

mdub420 says:

DJ Jimmy Martinez gets all the fine slut latinas.

JJJ says:

So what happened with edge? That guy jimmy was talking big in that 2009 article….so it never opened again? How much did they spend to have a one night party?

wow they mustve fixed the place up really quick, i looked in there about a month ago and it was in horrible horrible condition, totally gutted, and you could see the sky from the ceiling( holes in the ceiling) and there were old cabo wabo menus all over the place and some homeless people living on the outside patio

Stephen says:

they’ve had people going in and out of there for a couple of months now, every day, working on it.

I haven’t peeked inside but there’s been quite a swarm of activity to get it ready.

Is Vartanian still the Principle owner/ABC licensee here? Anyone know?

fresno friend says:

no new ownership. be happy that this place will provide som new jobs for individuals. last i seen there was a line of over 400 when they were doing interviews forever21 . people need work. this is a good thing i IMO

jaurique says:

this comment made my day…. fine slut latinas!!! first time i heard fine and slut in same sentence… good work mdub420

Michael says:

That was Milt Barbis on the patio.