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You Review: Beehive Birthday VI

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We’re still a bit overwhelmed by last night’s Beehive Birthday bash. It was an amazing night with a great turnout — 455 people came through the door. We appreciate every last one of you. Thanks, Fresno!

It’s going to take some time to put together a full recap with photos and videos and whatnot (gimme the weekend, please?), but we at least wanted to thank everyone who was a part of the night, from the performers and vendors to the band and, of course, our wonderful hosts Fulton 55.

Just as a Friday morning talking point, we’re curious to hear what you loved about the party. Seeing Fulton 55 in action? The band? The art? Seeing Travis Sheridan strip down to a singlet in his Beehive Pecha Kucha presentation (buttdrag!)? KRS-One randomly showing up? Dueling food trucks set up outside the party? Mingling with cool Fresno people and great local organizations? Popping those delicious brownie shots? Caricatures and tattoos?

Likewise: Anything we could have done better? Any ideas or suggestions for next year?

Responses to "You Review: Beehive Birthday VI"

chango martinez says:

h u n g o v e r

Michael says:

Like I said last night, the Beehive Birthday bashes just keep getting better and better. Props to Mike, Kathy, Heather, Donald and everyone else who put this together.

Fulton 55 was the perfect venue for this. You had the performances downstairs and upstairs people could mingle while either watching said performance downstairs or while checking out the booths set up.

Only thing I didn’t like was seeing more of Travis than I had ever want to see. But I got his ball in the end so I guess it evens things out.

MsJoey says:

First of all, Michael, ew.

I was bummed to miss out.
Death was at my doorstep so I couldn’t make it.
Sounds like you all had a great time.
Fresno is awesome.
I missed being a part of it.

Congrats on the Will Clark ball. I’m glad it ended up in a good home. I promise to expose less of myself in the future.


Michael says:

Why am I getting ewed?

blake says:

Congrats to Beehive for giving the town another good event. Congrats to Tony Martin and crew for giving the town another cool venue.
Onwards and upwards!

Kristy says:

I’m not sure where you can have next years if this years was 455 people!!! I’m really happy you had DustyBuns Bistro Bus there as I love, love, love their food! Props to you all!

@dollgina says:

Hello?! That was MY ball you got. I won it fair and square, just ask Mike Oz!! You’re lucky!

Leo says:

A most bodacious evening. Happy Birthday day again Beehive, great party. You might have to charge next year at the rate this party is growing. Props to anyone who had anything to do with putting this together, Fulton 55, Mike and the Bee people, security (which was present but not obnoxious), IBC, the bartenders and even all the people that showed up are just awesome people. High Fife! everyone.

Major like was the sense of community, Dusty Buns and Elegante working side by side, IBC across the way, all the business tables and local people that are more and more becoming familiar faces.

Heather says:

I had a great time. Tony and his staff at Fulton 55 did an amazing job, as did everyone who helped organize the party, and the businesses and organizations who set up tables, etc.

For me, the best part of the party was the guests. Everyone was so cool, and I had a great time talking with some of my favorite people in Fresno.

hilary says:

I really liked the venue and thank you so much for inviting Creative Fresno. We signed up 10 new members and got one renewal. Me and my sis were so excited to be the first customers in line for La Elegante.

It was a really great event. I wish we could have kept our table up for longer time but after the band began to play, it was too loud to try to talk to anyone else and recruit new members. Other than that, it was excellent.

Very cool night. Glad to check in with many friends, businesses and organizations that make Fresno a good place to be. Posted photos of my tattoos from TATs 4 All and caricature by SW Parra on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who contributed to a great Fresno event!

Stephen says:

It really was a very nice time, good introduction to Fulton 55.

While I see what the complainers are talking about, especially the upstairs, I noticed no one is complimenting the amazing staff there.

The door guys were jussst rough-looking enough and yet they were nice in a properly stern way – you knew they meant business but were also welcoming.

Once inside I was greeted by…I don’t know what she is, hostess? Bar back? Server?? Anyway, she gave me a quick tour, let me know about future improvements coming, and asked if I needed a drink. Very welcoming and professional.

The bartenders are some of the best, stolen from other venues (see, Club Legends isn’t the only one grabbing the talent), and the sound was actually pretty good.

BUT I’m thinking GinaDoll won her baseball with MY raffle ticket I gave to her…which means I should get all the thanks!

Christy says:

We were one of the first 100 through the door, so we each got a souvenir button…2 of which were winners! ;) plus we didn’t have to hassle with parking–whew. Got a chance to check out the new venue…very nice! Won some cool prizes…very cool! What I personally liked best was seeing/meeting the Cross Streets guys, and the La Elegante Taco Truck, yum! *lol* We left around 8 pm, so we missed the DustyBuns Bistro Bus :( Overall, a great time had by all!

ed says:

i enjoyed myself last night. it was good to see a lot of familiar faces, and to see a few people i hadn’t seen since high school or even elementary school. i liked the venue, and can’t wait to see more shows there.

my only complaint, and it is very minor, was that the drinks were a little pricier than i would have wanted. not crazy expensive, but just a little more than i’m normally paying.

the only thing that i would’ve liked different would have been for the venue to have used some sort of stamp or something. it was a minor hassle to have get out id again. with a snazzy beehive stamp i also would have a souvenir, since i didn’t win anything in the raffle.

thanks again for doing what you’re doing.

George B. Feist (DUKE) says:

Hey Mike sounds like a great success. Wish I could have stayed. How was the band? Maybe next year. Fulton 55 is a great venue, and I like the new bar stools. Hope to see some more name bands coming like Big Sandy and even Los Straitjackets. Deke Dickerson and Charlie Musslewhite would be a great show too.

Bob says:

Anyplace we can go to find pictures of the event?

Mike Oz says:

I have a slideshow that’ll be up later today.